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Magicycle Ebike SUV vs. Trek Powerfly 4: Which Electric Mountain Bike Is Better?

Having a full-suspension electric mountain bike will allow you to tackle any type of rough terrain. The same way an eMTB bike would, except electric mountain bikes offer full suspension, which means they provide more comfort and greater stability.

The only issue is that, when it comes to choosing a full suspension electric mountain bike, you have to sift through a lot of options. Today, we want to compare the Magicycle ebike suv and the Trek Powerfly 4 to help you choose the right one for you!

Magicycle E-SUV vs. Trek Powerfly 4: Which One Is for You?

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Magicycle E-SUV Overview

The Magicycle E-SUV is a premium full suspension electric mountain bike that can adapt to all types of terrains, making it a sound investment for off-road adventures. This full-suspension electric mountain bike is designed and built to meet your needs and make your rides a lot more fun.

It’s made with high-quality components, which means it’s a sturdy electric mountain bike you can rely on. The driver systems are effective and powered by integrated batteries. That means this full suspension electric mountain bike provides amazing power support, making it easy for you to navigate rough terrain and even tackle steep hills.

One of the most outstanding things about the Magicycle E-SUV is that it features hydraulic disc brakes. As such, it offers a high braking capacity, which is vital. Overall, it will keep you safe and stable! Moreover, this electric mountain bike comes with wide and thick tires that absorb shock a lot more effectively, providing a smoother riding experience.

Trek Powerfly 4 Overview

The Trek Powerful 4 has a great design and a high-quality finish. It provides a smooth ride and it’s built with sturdy parts, so it will last. Additionally, it can tackle a variety of terrains. It features a removable integrated battery, intuitive controller, and Bosch motor. Overall, it’s a solid option.

However, the Powerfly 4 is heavy and it can make uphill pedaling a bit more difficult than it needs to be. While the integrated battery is removable, there’s no secondary battery. It will make charging a bit more convenient, but you still have to wait to go out on the road. Additionally, tires can puncture easily and reviewers also report having issues with the computer after hitting bumps on the road.

Magicycle E-SUV vs. Trek Powerfly 4


The motor is one of the most important components of a full suspension electric mountain bike. The Magicycle E-SUV features a 750W motor while the Trek Powerfly 4 features a 250W Bosch motor.

In this case, the Magicycle electric mountain bike provides more torque, which means it will be better at climbing. That’s why you’ll be able to tackle steep hills with it, but the same can’t be said about the Trek Powerfly 4.

Additionally, the Magicycle full-suspension electric mountain bike has a more powerful motor. That means that it will provide more acceleration and better speed. If you love going off-road, you need a capable electric mountain bike. So far, the Magicycle E-SUV is more capable.


Since batteries provide power, they are also one of the most important components. The battery’s capacity will determine how far you can go on your adventures. The higher the capacity, the longer the range.

The Trek Powerfly 4 comes with a 625Wh battery and riders have reported being able to go on several rides on one charge. However, the Magicycle E-SUV comes with a 1040Wh battery, so the capacity is a lot better.

That means that the Magicycle full suspension electric mountain bike will take you farther and you’ll be able to have longer rides. Additionally, this is a high-quality lithium-ion battery that’s long-lasting, rechargeable, and reliable.


When it comes to choosing a good electric bike, you need to pay attention to the tires as well. They will determine how comfortable you’ll be during your ride because they provide cushioning.

The Magicycle E-SUV features puncture-resistant tires that are a bit wider than the E-Caliber. As such, they provide a smoother ride and great traction. Additionally, they will absorb the shock of hitting bumps on the road a lot more effectively.

The Trek Powerfly 4 comes with 21.5” to 29” wheels so it also provides a decent ride but it won’t be as effective at absorbing shock and providing as much traction. Overall, the Magicycle E-SUV allows rides to enjoy any terrain whether it’s snowy, sandy, rocky, or muddy.


Last but not least, you need a full-suspension electric mountain bike. Why? Because it will provide a more comfortable and efficient ride. Full suspension bikes offer front and rear suspension, which is exactly what you need for off-road adventures.

The Trek Powerfly 4 offers hardtail suspension, which means there’s no additional rear suspension. By contrast, the Magycicle E-SUV offers full suspension. That means it offers more shock absorption.

That’s why it can offer comfort even on the roughest of terrains. Additionally, it saves your body from experiencing the stress that bumps tend to cause, especially when you’re going downhill.


Taking all of this information into account, it’s clear that the Magicycle E-SUV is the best option. That doesn’t mean the Trek Powerfly 4 is not an option to consider, it means that the Magicycle electric bikes for adults are a lot more well-rounded and more suitable for all kinds of adventures.

The Magicycle E-SUV is more affordable and it offers great value for your money. The specs are great and the warranty is solid, so it’s a great option if you don’t want to break the bank. Additionally, it has a high-quality build and it’s made with some of the best components out there.

As far as comfort goes, the Magicycle E-SUV is also the best option. It’s a full-suspension electric mountain bike that will absorb the bumps and save your body from any unnecessary stress. This, combined with a powerful motor and battery, means that you can take longer rides and go as far as you’d like!

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