May 26,2023

Magicycle Cruiser Pro vs Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 TM 750

If you’re looking for your next electric mountain bike and are struggling to decide which model to get, this article is for you

Choosing an electric mountain bike, or a full-suspension electric bike is not something you should do lightly since you’ll be investing in a device that can take you anywhere you want and help you exercise, reduce your car usage and connect with yourself.

There are certain aspects of electric bikes that need serious contemplation to ensure you’re choosing the best model for you. In this article, we compare two ebike models available on the market: the Magicycle Cruiser Pro and the Cube Stereo Hybrid 120.

Discover which ebike provides the best features at the best price after reading this article, and learn more about what electric bikes are made of.

Things To Know About Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 & Magicycle Cruiser Pro

Long range cruiser

Determining which hardtail electric mountain bike to get is an exciting process that needs careful thinking and detailed analysis.

Starting with the hardtail Cube electric mountain bike, at first sight, you can tell that this bike is different from regular mountain bikes. The tires are a bit bigger and feature a different frame that holds the motor and battery. In detail, the Cube Electric mountain bike has an aluminum Superlite frame and a 750 W battery.

Apart from this, the Cube Electric hardtail electric mountain bike has a sophisticated display that will show your speed and the condition of the battery.

When it comes to the Magicycle Cruiser Pro, the hardtail electric mountain bike has a little wider, more polished appearance that conveys both speed and safety.

The Magicycle Cruiser Pro includes a support on the back where you can mount a bike seat for a toddler, which most full suspension ebikes and hardtail ebikes don’t. In addition, the Magicycle Cruiser Pro offers greater tire protection than Cube Electric mountain bike models.

Specifications Of The Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 & Magicycle Cruiser Pro

The composition of each hardtail mountain bike says a lot about its manufacturers, which is why we pay detailed attention to how ebikes are made.

Beginning with the Cube Electric mountain bike, this model features a full-integrated battery into the frame with advanced internal cable routing. It comes with a Bosch drive smart system unit of 4th generation of 250W and 85Nm. With this motor, you can ride up to 20mph or 32 km/h.

The Cube Electric mountain bike has 27.5” and 29” wheels that are perfect for smaller riders (27.5”) and taller individuals (29”) as well as a suspension fork.

The Magicycle Cruiser Pro, on the other hand, features a 52V lithium battery that can last about 80 miles and a 6061 aluminum frame. This electric mountain bike's high-power motor, which has 750W/1000W and 95Nm, enables you to go up to 28mph or 45km/h without overheating or suffering long-term damage.

The Magicycle Cruiser Pro also includes 26" x 4" Kenda fat tires, a color LCD monitor with USB charging, and a 52V 750W FOC smart controller. This mountain bike has a hydraulic front fork with a lockout that is adjustable.

What You Need To Know About Each Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

All technical aspects should be analyzed if you’re looking for your next hardtail or full suspension ebike, or if you want to make the change to an electric bike.

But not many people have the time to read all the specifications or have a hard time trying to comprehend what they mean or how they can affect their performance. For those and more reasons, we decided to make this section simpler and break down the most basic aspects of each bike so you can easily know which one to invest in. We’ll talk about brakes, pedals, chargers, and more.

The Cube Electric mountain bike has a hydraulic Shimano XT BR-M8120 disc brake, as well as regular ACID PP MTB pedals. What we mean about regular pedals is that they are simple in design and are not reflective.

Tektro 180mm hydraulic disc brakes are used on the Magicycle Cruiser Pro. Brakes made by Tektro are renowned for being among the best on the market and have an outstanding reputation.

As for the pedals of the Magicycle Cruiser Pro, they are Wellgo alloy pedals with reflectors, perfect for riding in low-visibility situations like at night, in fog, and more.

When it comes to the specific charger each hardtail mountain bike uses, the Cube Electric mountain bike comes with a Bosch 4A charger and the Mountain Bike Cruiser Pro uses a short-circuit-proof 3.0A fast smart charger that is included in your purchase.

Deciding Which Ebike To Invest In

hardtail electric mountain bike

Deciding which hardtail electric mountain bike to invest in is something you should think about carefully since it is a big and important investment.

You should consider which electric bike for sale provides the best features and comfort compared to their price. To give you an idea of this, the Cube Electric mountain bike models range from $2,800 up to $7,000, whereas the Magicycle Cruiser Pro has a fixed price of $1,899.

Some important aspects your future electric bike should have are a high-quality and durable battery, an enhanced motor that doesn’t heat up, a long-lasting charger, tire protection at the top as well as reflecting pedals for safety.

About Magicycle

Magicycle has been in the electric bike manufacturing industry for over a decade, collecting experience in designing, creating, and selling unique ebike models for various continents.

With a top-class factory located in Wuxi, China, Magicycle has a rigorous testing process to ensure all ebikes are optimal and safe to use. Further, we’re one of the few manufacturers that pay attention to what users are needing as well as provide people with durable and high-quality electric bikes for adults for an affordable price.

Take a look at our shop for more ebike models and information about us and don’t forget to check out our blog for more informational posts like this one.

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