May 26,2023

Magicycle 52V Cruiser VS. Aventon Pace 500

Received wisdom suggests that people trying to save money on their buying should shop around to get the best prices. It specifies in two ways, one being having goods of the same quality at a lower price, the other being taking merchandise of better performance at the same price, which is especially true of purchasing an electric bike online. 

A rat race is on in the existing Ebike market in America. Surely, it could be a good thing for customers to have multiple options laid on their table to choose. On the other side, the array of choices is stunning and imposes a huge challenge for consumers to decide “the one and only”. Therefore, it necessitates a close look at technical specifications in assisting picking up an ideal Ebike for you. Our protagonists today are Magicycle 52V cruiser step-thru electric bike and Aventon Pace 500 Ebike. Both are at the price between 1,600 US dollars and 1700 US dollars. Let’s see which one matches our strategy of getting the one with better performance at the same cost. 


From the chart above, the answer is pretty obvious. Compared with Aventon Pace 500, Magicycle is more powerful and sustained in a long and all-terrain cruise. Thanks to its 52V 3 Amp fast charger, Magicycle is capable of traversing up to 60 miles at a full charge while refilling the juice at a shorter time. With a 7-pedal assist, it enriches your traveling experience at a diverse speed, allowing you a come-and-go-as-you-please cycling. Besides, it is a cup of tea for Magicycle Cruiser to carry heavy loads whereas the Aventon Pace 500 may be a problem to those who fancy shipping goods themselves. 

It is crystal clear that the Magicycle cruiser is “the one”. With the extra 50 dollars, you could not buy a motor, battery, charger of higher quality from Aventon, but you can certainly buy these with 50 dollars less. 

Deliciously weird, right?       

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