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How Long Does An SUV Ebike Last?

In the world of full-suspension ebikes, innovation is always present, and there’s a new ebike type that combines quality e-Mtb, common ebikes, and more, resulting in a unique SUV ebike.

In this article, we dive deep into the durability of an SUV bike, including information about selecting the best battery and how to look after it.

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About SUV Ebikes

SUV ebikes are the next generation of ebikes, and they present a classic yet innovative way of getting from one place to the other.

These electric bikes have powerful motors and batteries, as well as wide tires and quality lighting.

The thing with ebike suv is that they combine the typical form of a bicycle with certain aspects of quality e-Mtb, resulting in a unique and comfortable vehicle.

If you’re looking for a top-class electric mountain bike and a normal ebike, SUV ebikes are perfect for you. You can use them on the road as well as for adventurous trips on uneven terrains.

SUV ebikes have incredible versatility and speed, allowing users to comfortably ride while giving them a hand when things get a bit tough off the road. Further, it is a genderless ebike since it does not have a top frame, and anyone regardless their age can hop on it and start riding.

How Long Do Full Suspension Ebikes Last?

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This question has an approximate answer because it will depend on how often you charge your full suspension ebike, the battery’s brand, and its age.

On average, electric mountain bikes have batteries that can last from 2-5 years. Batteries can be charged many, many times before having to change it, and you only need to do it after you’ve done 120km, approximately.

There are a few aspects of SUV ebike’s batteries, as well as other ebikes, that are worth mentioning.

To begin, the lifespan of a battery depends on how many times you’ve charged it, and this is known as the charge cycle. After your battery goes from 100% to 0%, it counts as a charge cycle.

These cycles slowly start to deteriorate the battery, just like phone batteries, reducing the amount of time you can go without having to charge it again.

It is recommended that you charge your battery whenever it is near the 50%-30% charge range.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is a common misconception about not using your battery and thinking it will last longer. This is completely false, and if you stop using your electric mountain bike or common ebike, the battery will self-discharge after a while. Therefore, using your full suspension ebike will help keep it perfect.

Are There Different Electric Bike Batteries?

Yes, there are three common types of ebike battery companies use and they are lithium-ion, nickel, and lead batteries. Below, you can find detailed differences and which one is best.

Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used for electric bikes for sale since they are optimal for up to 1000 charge cycles before having to replace them. As the technology evolved, new lithium-ion batteries have appeared, with phosphate, making them safer and more durable compared to other electric bike batteries.

As for nickel batteries, they are similar to the ones mentioned but are prone to discharging themselves more than others. On average, they can survive 500 charge cycles before one has to replace them, which is half the amount of lithium batteries.

Finally, lead batteries are known for being very old since they were used for the first electric bike models. When you buy a new bike, these batteries are not available anymore due to their short lifespan, which is only 300 charges.

Choosing a quality battery is essential for your quality e-Mtb or ebike, but also you should have in mind that other factors play a big role in this too, like the quality of the materials used by the company and more.

Looking After Your SUV Ebike & Its Battery

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After explaining external factors that can make your battery last longer or shorter, we want to give you the best tips for taking care of your SUV ebike’s batteries.

1. Don’t leave your bike outside since humidity and temperature can harm the battery’s lifespan.

2. Pay attention to your battery’s temperature, and if you notice it’s heating up, let it cool down before charging it.

3. Use only the charger that came with your ebike because it is made specifically for it.

4. Similar to phone batteries, don’t let your electric mountain bike or common ebike get to 0% charge, but rather charge it when it has about 50%.

5. When you notice your ebike has been charged fully, unplug it to avoid overcharging it.

6. Take your ebike’s battery out if you know you won’t be using it for a while.

7. Don’t clean your battery with anything wet since it can lead to damage, use a dry towel.

What To Think About Before Buying An SUV Ebike

In this post, we shared key information about SUV ebikes, their composition, design, and more.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an SUV ebike, there are a few things we recommend you have in mind.

To begin, determine if the model will be a good fit for your lifestyle, usage, and residence zone. You wouldn't want to buy an ebike that will end up not being used and stored in your garage.

Next, analyze the pros and cons of an SUV ebike. Some we mentioned in the article like the battery lifespan, costs, and more.

Finally, think about how you’re going to look after your bike. Things like leaving your bike inside, unplugging the charger when it is done charging, cleaning your ebike, etc are very important for your bike’s maintenance. For more details about ebike maintenance, you could check out our blog.

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