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How Do We Travel With An Electric Bike?

As an increasing number of ebike brands show up, there is no need to prove that electric bikes are getting more and more popular. They are a wonderful means of transportation and perfect for traveling around to cover a short or long distance, to discover new destinations for camping.

However, compared with traditional bikes, electric bikes are much bulkier and heavier. This makes it quite inconvenient for people to travel with them. You need to figure out how to travel with ebikes simply and easily. Lucky for you, here we got a few tips for traveling with ebikes. Hope they are going to be helpful for your vacation.

1. Make Use of Car Racks

Car racks play a significant role for most ebike riders, especially when you are engaged in traveling frequently. When I say car racks, I mean those that are mounted on the rear of a vehicle instead of those little racks that are supposed to be mounted on the rear of an ebike.

Car racks can literally make your traveling easier by transporting your electric bikes safely.

Normally, most car racks are designed to fit the tow ball or the hitch mount of your vehicles. If what you are transporting are traditional bikes, you can find appropriate car racks much easier as they are supposed to be lighter and simpler. If you are transporting ebikes, then you must make sure the car rack you choose is suitable for them. Here is our recommended car rack.

2. Remove the Battery

Let’s say that you have bought yourself a nice car rack for transporting electric bikes. You are supposed to install the car rack and replace your bike on it. But, before doing that, you must remove the battery if they are removable. Here we got 2 reasons for this:

1. The weight of an ebike battery accounts for a large part of the overall weight of the ebike, so removing the battery reduces the burden for the car rack.

2. It prevents your battery from being damaged. While driving in a car, it is impossible to see what is going on with the car rack and the bikes. Therefore, it makes sense to keep the battery safe inside the car.

When it comes to batteries, there are some points you should know. Make sure it is fully charged in case they run out quickly. Also, make sure your battery is Ul certified to avoid unexpected battery fires while charging.

3. Check out the Weight Requirements

If you are not familiar with car racks, you’d better read the user manual for requiring the weight requirements. Some manufacturers exaggerate the load capacity of their car racks, which is disgusting and dangerous, and you must choose the right car rack made out of high-quality materials. The key point is that don’t overload your the car rack in case it will break in half, especially when you are driving on the road.

4. No Need to Consider Planes

If you have ever taken a plane, you must know that battery is strictly forbidden in places, including ebike batteries, so don’t even think about taking a battery in your bag or suitcase.

All you can do is ship the bike, but you still need to follow the safety regulations.

5. Travel with Bike Locks

While solving the problem of transporting your bikes, you should consider how to keep them from being stolen. Obviously, a bike lock must come in handy. There are all kinds of ebike locks for different scenarios. See Magicycle ebike locks to protect your ebikes.

Final Words

Traveling with your ebikes can fill life with happiness and fun. For those who haven’t tried it yet, we strongly recommend it. Hope this blog can solve the problems you encounter when you travel with ebikes. Also, if you have any questions about ebikes, Magicycle is always here to help:

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