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Hardtail Ebike Vs Full Suspension Ebike, Which One Is Better?

Buying an ebike, or even a conventional bike, usually requires you to make a lot of decisions. The frame size, the use of the ebike, and the type of frame are all factors to consider. While these are mainly based on personal preference, one of the difficult choices now is whether you want a hardtail ebike or a full suspension ebike.

If you want to know if a full suspension ebike is better than a hardtail ebike, now we will give you a simple answer. Both full-suspension ebikes and hardtail ebikes have their own pros and cons. The decision between the two depends on your personal preferences and riding style. Our goal at Magicycle is to provide you with the information you need to make the right decision. So let's take a look at the hardtail and full suspension ebike and find out which one is better for you.

Overview of hardtail and full suspension ebike

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Most hardtail ebikes are electric mountain bikes, such as the Magicycle Cruiser Pro. Thanks to the front suspension system, the hardtail ebike is usually flexible to control. It allows riders to tackle rough terrain. Besides, with the help of the motor, riders can go longer distances and fly up steep hills. If you're new to mountain biking, you'll find that hardtail ebikes are a great option because they're less expensive and easier to adapt.

Full-suspension ebikes provide a very comfortable and safe riding experience on any type of terrain. They are not only for cyclists but for anyone who wants to enjoy power assist, comfort in terrain, perfect handling, and a smooth ride. If you plan on tackling some tough terrain and want a more comfortable ride, a full-suspension ebike is a great choice for you. It is designed to absorb all the bumps in the road and provide you with a more comfortable riding experience.

Full suspension ebike VS hardtail ebike

When you're deciding between a full suspension and a hardtail ebike, there's no "best" or "worst" choice. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. You can learn about their strengths and weaknesses in order to decide which one is best for your needs.

Full Suspension Ebike Pros

More stable ride: With the addition of a rear shock, all your riding will be smooth. Full suspension prevents your ebike from moving too much when riding rough sections and going down bumpy hills. You can more easily maintain control of your ebike. You can also steer and pedal while the rear shock and suspension fork absorbs bumps and vibrations. This allows you to handle rough trails at faster speeds.

More efficient on rough terrain: Climbing rough terrain is easier with a full-suspension electric mountain bike because of the rear suspension and the added weight that makes the tires grip the ground. So it is particularly good at climbing hills. On most descents, you may also encounter steep terrain. It allows you to go downhill at high speed without worrying about bumps. Overall, it will allow you to maintain your speed better as you ride over rough sections. You can get through these terrains more efficiently.

Inspire more confidence: A full suspension ebike provides you with better traction, handling, steering, and bump absorption. All of this boosts the rider's confidence in handling trickier terrain and obstacles. Especially if you're not used to experiencing new terrain, the comfort and stability it provides can inspire self-confidence. You can also handle more challenging terrain as you ride with confidence.

Full Suspension Ebike Cons

Require more maintenance: Full suspension ebikes require more maintenance than usual, so if you don't maintain them often enough, performance may suffer. You need to clean and inspect your suspension system after every ride. This helps prevent the suspension from being contaminated. Besides, maintenance is not cheap, and you may even need to take your ebike to a professional mechanic for maintenance.

Not ideal for beginners: These ebikes are not for beginners, although they do allow you to ride lazily or roughly. It is impossible to learn basic skills without this kind of pressure. For example, it doesn't matter how you turn on a full suspension bike because it provides better traction, so it becomes harder for you to learn how to corner properly and maintain traction. Additionally, a full-suspension ebike is too expensive for many beginners. Most people don't want to spend too much money on an entry-level electric bike for adults. So full suspension ebike isn't ideal for beginners.

Hardtail Ebike Pros

Lighter weight: Hardtail ebikes are so lightly constructed that you can easily control them on the road. Whether on the trail or on the road, there is always better maneuverability for you to enjoy. It is more suitable for those who ride long distances or climb a lot. With its lighter frame, less energy is also required to accelerate and maintain speed.

Better for beginners: Everyone can benefit from learning to ride a hardtail ebike. The reason is that hardtail ebikes force you to learn proper riding skills. For example, while riding a hardtail e-bike, you will learn how to deal with large obstacles on the road, such as tree roots and rocks. Once you have acquired some skills, it will allow you to ride faster and safer. In the long run, this will make you a better all-around rider.

More durable: The rigid frame of a hardtail ebike can cope with harder impacts without damage. With a rigid frame, you don't need to worry about bottoming out and getting damaged. It can also handle more impact because there are fewer parts that can be damaged or worn. If you neglect your ebikes for sale and don't always take care of it on time, a hardtail ebike may be better for you.

Hardtail Ebike Cons

Less stable: Due to the lack of rear suspension, hardtail ebikes do not offer as much protection from shock and vibration. It bounces around a lot when riding on rough hills and downhill. It also becomes unstable and more difficult to control, especially when encountering violent bumps. So your legs and hands will be used to absorb the impact.

More fatigue: Hardtail ebikes allow more shock and vibration to be transmitted through the bike to your body. Long rides can become tiring as your body absorbs all the bumps and shocks. Without a rear shock to absorb the shock for you, you will feel very uncomfortable when riding. For people with wrist problems, it may not be a good fit.

Which one is better

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After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of full suspension and hardtail ebike, you should have a better understanding of them. If you don't know how to choose them yet, we will give you a more intuitive understanding of them in terms of traction and speed.

Traction and comfort

With both front fork suspension and rear suspension, the full suspension ebike has a smoother and more comfortable ride. When you pass over very rough ground, you can feel its excellent comfort, especially sitting on the saddle. Thanks to the rear shock of the full suspension ebike, it provides better traction. Its tires remain in contact with the ground even on uneven surfaces. However, that's not to say that a hardtail ebike can't provide a comfortable ride. It will still provide a good grip on rough terrain, just not as good as a full suspension ebike.

Speed and fun

Full suspension or hardtail, whichever type of electric bikes you choose is fun. Riding a hardtail ebike on a smoother terrain is much more fun than riding a full suspension ebike because they are more responsive. When the roads get really rough, hardtail ebikes take over in terms of fun. This is because full-suspension bikes are easier to ride over rough terrain and go faster, especially on downhills. The full suspension absorbs most of the bumps, so the e-bike can be ridden faster.

Final Verdict

The choice between a hardtail ebike and a full suspension ebike depends mainly on your riding style and preferences. Full-suspension ebikes are best suited for experienced riders who often ride on rugged trails with lots of rocks, bumps, and drops. It handles better on these terrains, you can enjoy a more comfortable riding experience. Hardtail ebikes are better suited for less rugged terrain and beginners. They can also help you learn some new tricks and skills if you want to.No matter which type of ebike you choose, we hope this article will help you make the right decision.

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