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Everything You Need to Know About Care and Maintenance For Your E-bike Battery

There always be a star topic in the e-bikes world —— Battery safety, battery safety plays an important role in e-bikes. And it makes "Care and Maintenance For Your E-bike Battery" an important part of the whole Electric Bike Ecology. No matter whether you are new to e-bikes or an experienced ebike rider, it is always good to know more about battery maintenance.

There is no doubt that it will improve the riding experience and make you able to enjoy a much more efficient ride of it. Due to the above reason, this article will introduce different battery care and maintenance methods, for all e-bikes to protect your e-bike journey.

Charge Regularly

Self-discharge, is a very common phenomenon of the battery, it always shows up when you did not charge your ebike battery regularly. The consequence of self-discharge may be a weakening of range. Easy to say it will decline in overall capacity, and that’s the reason why you must charge your battery at least once every two weeks after you finish riding, and never wait until the battery is depleted. 


Ebike battery

A proper charging environment also plays an important role in maintaining and extending the life of your Magicycle bike battery. Please always remember to place your battery on a flat hard surface to charge instead place your battery on a wooden floor or blanket to charge. If you can unplug the battery once the charging completion indicator shows, it will also help to maintain the life of your Magicycle ebike battery. 

Right Temperature

Dear friend, you must already notice that when you use your Android phone or an iPhone in extremely cold conditions, the devices always meet some problems. The temperature has always played an obvious role in all electronic products, no matter is mobile phones or e-bikes. Likewise, the batteries of electric bicycles are more or less affected by this.

Although the Magicycle electric bikes for adults can be ridden in extreme heat and cold weather, this does not mean that there is no effect on the battery of the e-bike. Please always store your battery properly, keep it in a room with the right temperature, and ensure a dry and cool place, remember that your battery feels the same way as you do.


All Magicycle e-bikes are manufactured to IP55 waterproof standards, and this guarantees that your Magicycle bike meets all kinds of weather conditions. And can still be used for normality

But again, this does not mean that they can be exposed to water for a long time, if you do so, or such things happen, it may cause significant danger, if your Magicycle is submerged in water (such as flooding) and the battery falls into the water, please contact us immediately and do not continue to use it, we will ensure the safety of your e-bike, do not worry, once you purchase our product, Magicycle provides lifetime customer service if you have any questions, please contact us first!

Right Charger

Magicycle ebike is equipped with a special charger belonging to its battery, always charge your battery through the same brand charger. You have to admit that different brands, more or less have some variability. Using the same brand can extend the life of the battery. 

And need to be aware that too many chargers will break through the lithium battery protection system and cause a short circuit, thus causing a safety accident to the lithium battery. Unplug the charger in time!


By following Magicycle's summary of simple elements for maintaining and caring for your e-bike battery, you can effectively extend the life of your e-bike. Please keep following us in our community section, we will continuously update the latest news, E-bike info, the new product of Magicycle, and more!

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