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Ebike Comparison: Magicycle Cruiser Pro vs RadRover 6 Plus

In the battle of electric bicycle fans, we know that Magicycle is a name that comes up again and again. You may have read articles comparing Magicycle e-bikes to other e-bike models, you may watch YouTube review videos from e-bike advocates, and you've probably heard e-bike fans talk about their favorite makes and models in the city. We love the challenge other manufacturers provide because pushing the boundaries of innovation, quality, and production is the best way to improve the industry as a whole. Magicycle’s Core Values Statement keeps this company on track to becoming the most customer-centric electric bike manufacturer in the world, and the company aims to always provide the very best in value, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Here at Magicycle, we want to make sure you have as much information as possible to make an informed decision on which electric bike will best suit your needs. That's why we've put together this article to compare the Magicycle Cruiser Pro to the RadRover 6 Plus Hight-Step, another popular electric bike. While we strive to offer high-quality electric bikes at an affordable price, we recognize that everyone has their preferences.

We believe Magicycle represents the best combination of quality, power, and affordability on the market today. That said, no matter which fat tire electric bikes for sale  you choose for your first (or next) bike, we hope that after reading this comparison you'll be well prepared to make the right choice for yourself!

The main features you'll want to consider when comparing two ebikes for sale are price, max range, motor, load capacity, and warranty.

Comparison of Main Features:

  Magicycle Cruiser Pro Step-Over(Midnight Blue) RadRover 6 Plus Hight-Step
Price $1499.00 $1599.00
Max range 100 miles 45 miles
Motor 750W/1500W PEAK 750W
Load capacity 500lbs 275lbs
Warranty 2 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty

You will notice a few things when comparing the main features of these two bikes. Although the price and motor size between the bikes may be the same, that's where the similarities end. The Magicycle Cruiser Pro offers a longer range due to a more robust battery, higher charging capacity, and an additional 1 year of warranty(total 2-year warranty) protection against manufacturing defects. We stand behind the quality of our bikes and therefore feel comfortable extending our warranty further than many of our competitors.

Next, we will compare the electrical and mechanical specifications:

Electrical Comparison:

  Magicycle Cruiser Pro Step-Over(Midnight Blue) RadRover 6 Plus Hight-Step Why is it important?
Battery 52V 20Ah 1040Wh LG lithium battery 589 - 672 Wh The larger the battery, the further you can travel without needing to recharge.
Charger Short-circuit proof 52 V,3 Amp fast smart charger 48V, 2 Amp Rad Power Bikes smart charger The charger is how you "recharge" your bike with electricity. These bikes have similar load capacities.
Throttle Half twist throttle Half twist throttle Both bikes have a half-twist throttle. Many e-bike owners prefer twist throttles as they can be easier to control and are like a classic motorcycle throttle. Throttle preference depends on each rider's unique style.
Motor 52V 750W brushless geared hub motor 48V 750W brushless geared hub motor Both bikes use powerful 750W rear motors but you
Pedal Assist Intelligent 7 Level Pedal Assist Intelligent 5-level pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensor Both bikes have Pedal Assist that can be customized so you can set your power and pedal assist levels. This allows you to control your top speed.
LCD Screen Color LCD display with USB charging Backlit LCD LCD screens are important to view speed and battery power.
Controller 52V, 750W FOC smart controller 48V, 750W frame-integrated controller The controller handles the electric bike's processing, collects the information from the sensors, monitors the battery, and transmits the information to the LCD screen for the rider.
Front and Rear Lights Front: 6V LED light
Rear: Integrated brake lights
Front: Standard Rad Power Bikes LED headlight
Rear: Integrated taillight with brake light
The larger and brighter the lights, the safer and more visible you will be to other riders, pedestrians, and vehicles. Both bikes come with headlights and brake lights.

Mechanical Comparison:

  Magicycle Cruiser Pro Step-Over(Midnight Blue RadRover 6 Plus Hight-Step Why is it important?
Brakes Tektro 180mm Hydraulic Disc hydraulic brake Stopping power is
Suspension Fork Alloy Hydraulic lockout suspension fork RST spring fork, 60 mm travel with lockout and preload adjustment Suspension forks help absorb bumps in the road
Shimano 7-speed gear shift system
1 x 7-speed Any serious cyclist will tell you that changing gears is important while riding a bike. The different gears allow you to go up and down hills with more ease. The Magicycle Cruiser Pro Step-Over Midnight Blue and RadRover 6 Plus Hight-Step bikes have a thumb shifter
Frame 6061 aluminum alloy 6061 aluminum alloy 6061 aluminum alloy is well tested and trusted as the industry standard.

long range ebike
As you can see, both bikes share many of the same features and parts, but the Magicycle Cruiser Pro has a few extras that make it stand out. The Magicycle Cruiser Pro not only has more power and more range on a single charge, but it even comes standard with a rear rack which is a must-have for commuting and running errands. Combined with a longer warranty and higher cargo capacity, the Magicycle Cruiser Pro is the clear winner in this comparison.

All in all, the RadRover 6 Plus Hight-Step is a good all-around e-bike, but if you're looking for more power and versatility for the same price, the Magicycle Cruiser Pro is for you. Shop with confidence knowing you'll have a 2-year warranty in case anything goes wrong and check out our happy customer reviews to see what people are saying about Magicycle Cruiser Pro bikes. We also offer lots of free content on our blog for more help buying a new bike. Ride Free Ride Fun.

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