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Do You Need Cycling Gloves for Essential Comfort and Safety?

Gloves are one of the accessories in your cycling kit that provide protection to one of the parts most exposed to falls and other possible mishaps. In addition, they facilitate the handling of the bike. But is it essential to take them? Is it possible to cycle without them? In this article, we will solve your doubts and help you choose the right ones for you. Follow us to find out more.

Reasons to wear cycling gloves

And is it possible not to use them? From the outset, it is not recommended, unless you take your electric bikes for short or sporadic journeys. Practising cycling as a sport does imply, in any circumstance, the use of gloves, for the following reasons:


Gloves protect the hands, one of the most sensitive parts of the body and are exposed to falls, blows or friction with the handlebars. They protect from skin abrasion, the appearance of calluses or sores, cuts and other mishaps.


In adverse weather conditions, when it rains or is very cold, it is essential to wear gloves, if they are long and with additional lining, much better. The hands are one of the parts of the body most sensitive to cold, they can easily become numb or blocked and this can cause everything from falls to hypothermia.

How to choose the right cycling gloves

On the market, glove models can be divided into two large groups: short or fingerless gloves and long or full gloves. Depending on the weather conditions and the cycling modality, you will have to choose one or the other.

If you still do not have specific cycling gloves or want to renew or replace the ones.

Choosing gloves according to the weather

You must attend to this in order to find the ideal gloves in the climate that usually exists in your area. If it is usually hot or mild temperatures, you should rule out lined, neoprene or very thick gloves, opting for breathable and flexible fabrics.

On the road, for routes through high mountain passes, where the weather is more unstable, it is advisable to have long gloves, but somewhat thinner and more flexible than MTB gloves. Although, as a general rule and in mild weather, a short glove will always be the smartest choice for the road.

How to choose gloves according to the modality you practice

Within each modality, the type of layout will also influence the choice of one glove model or another. For cross country or marathons, a light and breathable long glove together with gel and reinforcement inserts in the palm will be the perfect combination.

Meanwhile, for more radical trail or enduro routes, the gloves will have to sacrifice ventilation and enhance protection, with rubber reinforcements to improve grip and a reinforcement layer on the palm to increase protection against falls or scratches.

On the road, if you are going to ride on the flat without the presence of technical sections, opt for the lightest and most breathable glove possible. But for routes through mountain passes, look for gloves with some kind of reinforcement in the palm and gel inserts.

Personal preferences

Finally, take into account more personal aspects such as sweating. If your hands tend to sweat a lot, you should go for gloves with breathable properties. Or if you are one of those who already feel cold in the first kilometres, you can buy gloves with a double layer of high protection, which will be useful for practically any time of the year, except for summer.

Also, do not forget the touch the gloves to pick up other objects or handle touch screens, such as those of a bicycle computer or mobile phone. Take a good look at the characteristics of the model, where they usually indicate compatibility or not with touch screens. Or see if the tissue of the index or middle fingers is harder than the rest or if they have silicone inserts. Before buying them, try touching your mobile screen with them to make sure it works.

Gloves are an inexpensive garment that only brings benefits for cycling. Currently, the great variety of models and fabrics means that there is a model for practically any use and type of cyclist, so there is no excuse not to wear them.

That is why they become an essential accessory for your outings. Always remember to have two pairs. Some are thin and light for hot days and others with lining or reinforced for the most complicated days of rain or cold, in addition to attending to other aspects, such as the mobility of the fingers or the handling of other objects, such as the mobile phone, spare parts. , keys, etc

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