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Can Electric Mountain Bikes Go Up Hills?

Mountain bikes were designed to help people explore mountains and other places that were not typical plain roads. And if you thought that was the ultimate invention, we’re here to talk about the next step in the industry: electric mountain bikes.

In this article, we share information about electric mountain bikes and the most popular question amongst them related to going up and down hills so you can determine whether you should invest in a bike like this one or not.

Electric Mountain Bikes & Hills

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Electric mountain bikes or full-suspension ebikes are perfect for going up hills, traveling on the road, getting on uneven terrains, and more.

The reason why electric MTB is a great choice for people who want to explore the outdoors has to do with the composition of the bike, specially designed to enhance pedaling and maximize the rider’s performance.

Electric mountain bikes have been designed to excel at two main tasks, which are going uphill and downhill. This is without having to put a lot of effort into pedaling or risking your body to get injured.

You may wonder how electric mountain bikes are able to do this and the differences between a normal mountain bike, known as a hardtail mountain bike.

In essence, electric MTB has a great suspension system, as well as a specialized motor and a long-lasting battery that altogether help you have a comfortable and enjoyable ride, even if you want to go uphill.

In the following sections, we dive deep into why electric mountain bikes are perfect for going uphill and downhill as well as other key considerations.

Going Uphill In An Electric MTB vs Regular Mountain Bike

There’s no secret that going uphill is always harder than coming down for obvious reasons.

If you live on a hill or have to go up and down a road frequently, it can get very tiring as well as physically limiting, especially if you have a normal mountain bike. Despite being able to exercise more, you risk your body getting damaged, not only for a few days but seriously injuring yourself due to exhaustion.

Electric mountain bikes present a unique opportunity to keep going to the same places you’ve always been as well as explore new roads without the fear of tiring your legs or something serious happening.

With pedal assistance and powerful motors, going uphills has become a much simpler task compared to using a normal mountain bike. Of course, you still have to put in a little effort, but nothing similar to the huge amount you would put in previous times.

Depending on which class of electric MTB, you can have more or less power and strength to go uphill and discover new places. Not to mention how the gear systems can truly enhance your performance and make your experience ten times better.

The type and class of electric mountain bike you choose matters, but most electric Mtb share the same principles and have similar aspects, therefore switching to an electric mountain bike will grant you many benefits in your life.

Key Aspects To Have In Mind About Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes are an excellent choice for adventurous people, those who live on uneven terrains or just like to explore the outdoors in their free time.

Although electric MTB offers a lot more power and speed since you don’t need to rely on your strength only, some aspects of your bike might vary.

What we mean by this is that depending on how you use your bike, you might have more or less power and battery to get through your ride. For example, the higher the power you choose to get, thanks to your motor, to go uphills, the faster your battery will run out, resulting in a reduction in the miles your electric MTB can travel.

The same happens with your gear systems, the higher the gear level, the average speed will start to decrease.

Overall, this doesn’t change the fact that electric mountain bikes are a better option compared to regular bikes. But, it is good to remember the statement just mentioned so you can plan your road and determine how you’ll use your bike and the possible alternatives to not run out of battery and come home without trouble.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that even if you have the greatest electric mountain bike on the planet, it does not replace human power and strength, it only compliments it.

How To Go Uphills With An Electric MTB

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Now that you know that electric mountain bikes are great for going uphills, we thought it was appropriate to give you some tips on how to conquer any uphill road you encounter.

To begin, it is important to be aware of your body position when going uphills to avoid getting vertigo or limiting your electric MTB’s performance. If you’re climbing a gentle hill, you can keep your normal position, but if the hill is very steep, we recommend you lean your chest forward to keep traction on your back wheel.

Once that is controlled, it is advised that you keep your head slightly down but always look ahead for what’s to come. If you notice you won't be able to stop pedaling for a while, look for an alternative route or prepare yourself for a slight workout to not lose momentum.

Finally, ensure your tires have the right air pressure to allow them to provide traction. Check your ebike before leaving home just in case.

Best Electric Mountain Bikes

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