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Buyers' Guide To Electric Bike For People with Knee Replacement

Step-through electric bikes have shown to be a great choice for people with reduced mobility and recent surgeries like knee replacement. Whether you know something about electric bikes or not, this article will come in handy.

After reading this post, you’ll be able to easily choose the best step-through electric bike for your goals, needs, and budget.

Why Choose Electric Bikes?


Electric bikes, specifically fat tire ebikes, are excellent for people of different ages, including adults and elders.

What’s more, electric bikes are ideal for individuals with knee replacement thanks to the bike’s ability to take you anywhere without having to put in a lot of effort.

Fat tire ebikes will massively change your life and become your best companion for years to come for sure.

Pedal Assist

If you’re new to the electric bike world, you’ll be glad to know that these ebikes for sale have pedal assist, which is great for pedaling less and still going fast and reaching farther places.

As an example, Magiycle electric bikes have a 7-level pedal assistance with 12 magnet cadence sensor that grants you endless riding possibilities without feeling tired or compromising your health.

Throttle Assist

Apart from the pedal-assist feature, some fat tire ebikes contain throttle assistance, which gives you more power and control over the bike.

When the throttle is engaged, the motor produces power and allows you to go faster without having to pedal like crazy. There are different types of throttles like twist throttle and thumb throttle.

Magicycle electric bikes for sale are equipped with a twist throttle. You'll be able to use the throttle to safely pass others on the path and accelerate uphill.

Electric Bike Features To Consider

Leaving your traditional bike for a fat tire ebike involves learning how to use a few new features you’ll get.

Apart from the pedal and throttle assistance mentioned in the point above, you should think about the charging cycles of your bike, not leaving it outside when it’s raining or the weather is too cold, and the total payload capacity.

Further, learning just a little bit about the component of the bike and basic mechanic skills to fix your bike in case it brakes down during a trip is truly helpful.

Step Through Frame

Step-through ebikes have a lower frame and this is perfect for people with reduced range of motion mobility, such as individuals with a knee replacement.

They are very easy to get on and off and they are super stable. Combining this with the throttle and pedal assistance will surely make an incredible bike.

Fat Tires

Fat tire ebikes are taking over the world, and they have their fair reasons. The bigger the tire, the more stability and comfort you’ll get. Any bike with tires of 4+ inches in width is perfect for people with a knee replacement, as well as for adults.

They are great for the snow, sand, mountain, and any terrain you have in mind. And all without hurting your body or making you pedal like crazy.

Battery Power

As an example for this point, we’ll take the Magicycle Cruiser ebike, which has a lithium battery power of 52V 20Ah. If you’re not familiar with this, the battery power of the bike mentioned will allow you to travel 60-80 miles before needing to be charged.

Charging cycles are fast and you can save up time and charge your step through an ebike while you sleep.

Tips to Start Cycling after Knee Replacement

After your doctor has said you’re ready to start rising again, you might want to take things slow and easy, but this surely doesn’t mean not having fun.

Here we gathered the best tips for starting cycling again after a knee replacement that will still allow you to discover new places and feel the joy of pedaling again safely.

Warm Up

Before jumping onto your bike, we recommend you spend 5-10 minutes warming up. You can do basic stretches and movements that will prepare your body for cycling.

Further, when you start cycling, it is advised that you start slowly for a few minutes to allow your muscles to get used to the workout. You can always consult your doctor for specific exercises to warm up if you’d like.

Ensure Better Comfort

After a knee replacement, you might need to change from your regular city bike to a fat tire bike to ensure better comfort. Looking after your health, especially your knee is key to having a healthy lifestyle, and an electric bike can surely help.

Look for electric bikes and brands that promote comfort without compromising other features like speed or power.

Take Proper Rest

When you start feeling tired, take a break and start again later. Remember to take things slowly and let your body tell you when to stop for a bit.

Best Electric Bike For Someone With Knee Replacement

Someone with knee replacement might want to look for fat tire electric bikes that have specific features that will look after them. Here we gathered some of the best ebikes for sale you can find on our website.

Ocelot Pro Step Through Ebike

Step through electric bike

The Magicycle Ocelot Pro Step-Through ebike is perfect for people with knee replacement due to its innovative design and incredible features like hydraulic disk brakes, a powerful motor and battery, and the possibility to reach 60-80 miles per charging cycle.

Magicycle Deer Electric Bike

ebike suv full suspension electric bike

The Magicycle Deer is our latest launch and a great choice for people of all ages with or without knee replacement. Our fat tire ebike for sale is a full-suspension ebike that mixes comfort with performance. With this bike, you’ll be able to ride like a pro and still look after your knee without trouble.


Magicycle is focused on bringing quality and affordable ebikes for sale to every person around the world who needs it.

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