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Love my bike, I’m not happy about the fact that it did not come with the free bike rack and they didn’t mention it was out of stock, so I had to call to ask why it wasn’t with the bike, still waiting on it a month later. Still no rack!


Started on 4/9/24 started a repair waited to long ordered the part and still waiting on it 5 weeks to get my bike repaired , will no longer be buying from magicycle in the future


Do not trust this battery. Has no UL sticker. I received my with a messed up battery casing and there customer service told me to take it apart and fix it. It voids the warranty. When you charge it inside your home smells like battery acid.


Don't buy them. You have shit loads of problems with it and know one to fix it in the United States. Tell them to keep their China shit in China. Lemons!


Do not purchase this item. It will over heat your phone and destroy it.

Quality product. Easy to install, adjust, and use. The rotation feature is a great bonus.

Nice addition to my bike. Holds the bottle securely and the 360° rotation is smooth.

Very practical and sturdy. Easy to adjust and the rotation feature is a big plus.

Fits well on my bike. Easy to install and holds the bottle securely. Great buy.

Solid and reliable. Fits my bike perfectly and the rotating feature is useful.

Love this holder! Easy to attach and the 360° rotation makes it super convenient.

Good product. Sturdy and reliable. The adjustable and rotating features are a nice touch.

Works as advertised. Easy to install and adjust. Keeps my bottle secure.

Great holder for my e-bike. Easy to install and the 360° rotation is very handy.

Does exactly what it's supposed to. Holds my water bottle securely and adjusts easily.

Excellent product. Sturdy, adjustable, and easy to use. Definitely recommend it.

Very pleased with this holder. Fits my bike perfectly and the rotation feature is great for quick access.

Nice bottle holder. Adjusts well and holds the bottle securely. Easy to install.

Perfect fit for my bike. Sturdy and adjustable. The rotation feature is very convenient.

Good quality and functionality. Fits my water bottle perfectly and the 360° rotation is a bonus.

This holder is a game-changer for long rides. Easy to attach, sturdy, and the rotation is smooth.

Solid build and easy to install. The rotating feature is very useful. Happy with my purchase.

Works great on my e-bike. The adjustable feature is a plus. Highly recommend it.

Decent holder for the price. Rotates and adjusts as advertised. No complaints here.