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What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

Are you still hesitating about whether to buy e-bikes or not? Now I'm gonna to tell you a fact that most people don't know is that e-bikes have many disadvantages! Nowadays, motorcycles have gradually entered our lives with the torrent of the new technology era. As for their shortcomings, if you don't have a very detailed understanding of them, you may take it for granted that the performance of e-bikes is what we should be most worried about, for that over the years ebikes were bulky, inconvenient, expensive machines with limited battery life. In reality, however, slowly, this situation has already changed. With the advanced technology and manufacturing excellence, Magicycle e-bike brand has grown to a high level with sophistication, and they are now lighter, more attractive and more powerful than ever. What you should be worried about is something deeper - the changes in your lives after owning an e-bike might put you in a dilemma. Buying a motorcycle without careful consideration may make you regret it! You may have more options than you think.

The dependence on e-bikes should not be underestimated!
We build custom, affordable electric bikes for all lifestyles: city, commuter, off-road, outdoors, family, and more. When you are about to go out and want to choose a means of transportation, a light and fast e-bike is always your first choice. Once you try to have it, it's easy to get overwhelmed. After all, who doesn't like a simple and fast way of life? E-bikes save a lot of time and space for our thinking as well as a convenient travel-Ride without having to start the car in the garage for a grocery shopping or into a stuffy train for a short trip.

They get you outside, reduce traffic congestion, and shrink your carbon footprint. They’re quick and smooth, with predictable, easy-to-control power and a long-lasting removable battery that recharges at any household outlet.

On an e-bike, you control it as easily as you control your body, leaving all the burdens behind. Contrarily, the luxury car you used to pay a premium for is always covered in ashes at home. You will become easily dependent on it , and you may even get nervous if you don't see it for a day. Honestly, can you resist this kind of dependence?

Too fast for your admirers to catch up to you
Electric bikes amplify your pedaling power and your ability to do and see more. A battery-powered motor lets you enjoy most of the benefits of biking, riding fast and long. However, on an e-bike, as wind whistling in your ears, if you are not careful, it may be that you easily pass most of the people on the road, who may cast envious or jealous eyes behind you; even those who are interested in you want to strike up a conversation with you but can hardly catch up because you are too fast. A cool and dynamic e-bike with charm just like yours will definitely match you and add to your personality, but not everyone has such speed, can you bear the loneliness when you leave others far behind?

Too addictive traveling around the beautiful scenes to forget your time
Step on the pedal, start the electric bike, and you start a fantastic journey. Walking into the outskirts of the city, into the mountains, fields, green forests, watching the crimson sky at the sunrise, and indulging in the bright starry sky at night, unconsciously, we are easily immersed in it and forget the time. Due to the strong power and battery life, you may spend a whole weekend enjoying the thrill of your e-bike, riding tirelessly on the road, watching the terrific scenery along the way, full of energy.

It's like a detached experience of being close to nature and enjoying life, but it's also highly addictive. Are you really ready for the adventure of an e-bike? Are you ready for such a unique experience? Walking into nature like Thoreau, to suck the most essential part of her, to feel the true self and the meaning of life, will you be unable to extricate yourself or withdraw? Think twice about whether you are going to own an e-bike.

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