See This Best Gift Choice for Father's Day- for the Person Who Taught You How to Ride a Bike July 20,2023

See This Best Gift Choice for Father's Day- for the Person Who Taught You How to Ride a Bike

Still, remember the one who helped you in your first pedaling and now you have the ideal opportunity to give him back all those trips and adventures you experienced during your childhood.

If you think choosing the right gift for your father is difficult. Here are the perfect guides for you to consider.

As the first bike teacher, with an electric bike that suits his tastes and preferences. Follow us and we will give you some keys to choose the right one.

Why choose an e-bike as a gift for Father's Day?

It's a very easy answer. With it, you will surprise your father with a different gift, tailor-made and with a thousand possibilities of use. Electric bicycles have become one of the best ways to move in recent years. Thanks to the many advantages of pedal-assist, electric bicycles are experiencing a boom moment. And as the upgraded version of the bike, there is no double that the e-bike is a great choice for your father.

Advantages of choosing an e-bike

The freedom of movement offered together with the possibility of assisted pedaling guarantees long rides without the need to make great efforts.

With an electric bicycle, you are giving them hours of healthy leisure, countless pleasant rides through their favorite places, contact with nature, and unique moments in the open air... And all this with the peace of mind that, you can activate the electric motor and make it easy for him to reach his destination or climb a steep slope without hardly batting an eyelid.

Which one is right for my dad?

In the Magicycle catalog, we have all kinds of different types of electric bikes for adults. Depending on the preferences of the person who is going to use it, you will have to choose the most suitable one. We recommend you choose between these types:

Electric bike for walking, if what your father prefers is to ride around urban areas, parks, avenues... These bikes are ergonomic and comfortable. Designed to spend long moments on them at a sustained speed. In short, they are ideal for leisurely rides and savoring the moment. Our Magicycle Commuter Step Over Lightweight Electric Bike model, for example, is a perfect choice for this type of use. 

Lightweight and Nimble, you can just carry it up easily. If you encounter some steps or you just live upstairs, you won't need to worry about how to carry your ebikes. With sleek styling, a powerful motor, and a smooth ride to boot, the Magicycle Commuter is a great choice for a commuter who wants a nice-looking and reliable ride. Magicycle Commuter is a thoughtful, simple, and aesthetically pleasing electric commuter bike.

Electric mountain bike, also known as MTB-E or Electric Mountain Bike. If your dad likes adventure, getting to the top, and riding for miles on a bike that gives him the peace of mind to adapt to any terrain, this is the one for him. Electric mountain bikes are ideal for routes on steep trails and steep inclines. The Magicycle Cruiser Pro Mid Step-Thru Electric Mountain Bike model is our star for this task, climbing to the top has never been easier and more fun.

Electric trekking bike, if your father is an active and dynamic person. One day he prefers to ride a road route and another day he prefers to go out to do his business in the city pedaling. Our Magicycle Commuter Belt Drive Mid Step-Thru Electric Bike model is our favorite option. The most versatile and multipurpose. It is suitable for virtually any activity on any terrain. It is difficult to go wrong when choosing an electric bike with these characteristics.

Give the gift of health

This would be the BEST gift we would give to our father: infinite health to extend his life to the maximum. And while this may not be possible, we can invest in his well-being with gifts that encourage moderate physical activity, outdoor recreation, and contact with nature.

Electric bicycles have been a great incentive for people who are not in exceptional physical shape. This more comfortable and realistic option has given them the security they needed to spend more hours pedaling than on the couch at home, and we couldn't be happier about it!

This year, give them the gift of life, experiences, fun, and health. Give an electric bicycle as a gift.


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