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Ready for Your E-bike? But Where Is Your E-bike?

E-bike market will boost and change the life of Americans due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Aware that this virus mainly spreads through air and contact, less Americans take buses or subways. People are seeking replacement for public transportation. Under this circumstance, the orders for bikes have soared. This is a trend.

As a result, many people will consider buying an e-bike and I’m one of many. So I want to talk about some bad experiences that I came across and hope that this article would help those (you) who are excited to jump on an electric bike to avoid these unhappy experiences.

So before you place an order, you take it for granted that I can enjoy my ride soon. After one week, you finally notice that you have placed an order for an E-bike but where is it?

The truth is you can’t decide how long the shipping will be, but if you know the following tips you might feel better:

TIP ONE:Your Bike is from Out of the US.
Almost all the E-bike brands doing business in the US tell their customers they ship e-bikes from their warehouses in different states. But what most of them didn’t tell you is that their products are produced in Asia particularly in China.

So if your bike is in stock, the E-bike company will ship your beloved one from the warehouse near your address. That usually requires 2 weeks. If it’s not, you have to wait until the next batch which are shipped from China. And this would require almost 1-2 months. However, this is also an extreme case only few people might encounter. So before you place an order ask the customer service first then you will get the information about the stock in their warehouse.

The good news is that if your bike is in stock, most of the company will arrange the shipment for your bike in 3-5 days.

These information is for reference which might help you understand what’s the process of E-bike shipment. With it, you can lessen your anxiety after placing an order.

TIP TWO: Your Tracking Number is a Key Information.
After your payment, you will receive a FedEx tracking number once your order ships. This key information would help you to determine your delivery time with which you could plan accordingly to receive your E-bike.

Besides, if when you find out you just accidentally not at home the day your E-bike arrive you can contact the delivery company to negotiate the delivery time according to your tracking number.

TIP THREE: Get Clear What Are Back-orders and Pre-orders.
Both back-orders and pre-orders allow you to buy the models that are currently out of stock. They are basically the same as regular purchases, except your electric bike or accessory will not ship out until the date specified on the product page.

If you place back-orders that means the bikes were previously shipped but have temporarily sold out, while if you place pre-orders that means the bikes are new models which are prepared to ship out in the specific time.

These orders also lead to a long time waiting. But if you have made your mind and won’t easily let the best model you think slip away, then I can tell it worth the waiting.

After knowing the three tips of your E-bike you drop your worries and accept the delivery time then you can wait for the day. After you receive your beloved E-bike then you found you miss something for your first ride. So the next two tips are for you when your bike is on the way to your home.

TIP ONE: Prepare the Necessary Ebike Accessories
After waiting so long for your bike to arrive, the last thing you want is to suddenly realize that you have to put off your first ride because you're missing a key piece of equipment. 

Helmet is definitely the first accessory you need for your safety. Some people don’t get the point of how important a helmet is, but in most E-bike accidents a well-made helmet would avoid fetal injury.

Then a high-quality lock would be the guard of your beloved E-bike. Hard to admit that thieves are rampant. Though a determined thief will ignore whatever the lock is, at least a lock will scare away most of the normal bad guys who are naughty.

As for tools, basically every Ebike brand would send you a toolkit for your assembly and some basic maintenance. But if the tool kit is not included, I suggest that you buy one set and bring it every time you ride your bike in case of emergency need.

TIP TWO: Get familiar with your E-bike online resources
Believe it or not, you are never the first one who receive the E-bike model. Usually some celebrities on the internet will get the invitation from E-bike brand and write reviews or make videos about the model. So when you’re waiting for your bike, you can get much useful information from YouTube, forum, or some websites.

For example, when you receive the E-bike you find you only receive the segments of the E-bike. If you don’t know the process of assembly, you can google it and in most of cases you can find the detailed information about it.

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