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No Thieves Can Steal My E-bike

It sucks when your ebike gets stolen. Bike security is a serious concern for cyclists and anyone who's thinking of taking up cycling - thousands of machines are stolen every year. Electronic Bikes are powered by expensive batteries that are often removable to help the rider recharge them quickly without too much inconvenience. But a valuable, easily removable item will be appealing to a potential thief. Though brands like Rad Power, Magicycle, Himiway lock the detachable battery to the frame, but it takes constant vigilance to stave off thieves. As the technology of bikes develops, it’s important that we come up with new, effective strategies to keep e-bikes secure. 

The following guide will give you helpful advice on how to prevent bike theft, so there's less chance of you having to go through the stress, inconvenience and financial difficulty that comes as a result of theft. 

Upgrade or Double up Your Locks
Bicycle cable locks are one of the cheapest locks. But unfortunately, even with non-power hand tools, these locks have little resistance. Most were snapped off with pliers in less than a second. Even some of the toughest cable locks can easily fall victim to bolt cutters. A cable lock may work for a cheap old bike, but even the price of removable parts on an electric bike makes a cable lock not worth it.

A U-lock, sometimes called a D-lock, is a better option. While it may seem logical to buy the biggest, strongest u-lock, you actually need one that will fit perfectly on your bike and the post you're attaching it to. The goal should be to fill the U as much as possible to avoid a slash attack. This creates less leverage for the thief to use.

U-locks tend to be more durable than thin cable locks which can be cut off more easily. But because of their shape, U-locks limit the number of bikes you can hold at once, so consider pairing your e-bike with a heavy-duty steel chain.

Use your lock correctly 
Even the most secure D-Lock will be useless if used incorrectly. Since no two bike racks, signs, or trees are the same, lock your bike for value. The first task is to pass the lock through the frame, then the rear and front wheels. If your bike will be locked in a known bike theft area, consider using a secondary lock to secure the wheel to the frame, and consider using the primary lock to secure the frame to the rack.

If you choose to double your security by using both a U-lock and a steel chain, first thread the U-lock through to the bike frame, the bike rack or other secure structure, and one wheel. Then, loop the cable lock through both the front and back wheel, as well as through the U-lock.

Lock your bike inside
We recommend leaving your bike at home and locked up if you can. If you keep your bike in the garage, you can also try securing it to something sturdy, like if you were away from home.

If you live in an apartment, try not to use communal locks or storage spaces if you can. Make sure to talk to your strata management corporation, be sure you are able to wheel your bike through communal areas. If not possible, request a camera for the bike storage area (if none is available).

If you can't keep your bikes or electric bikes at home, be sure to remove one of the wheels, as it's easy to store at home.

Take note of your bike’s serial number.
Avoiding bike theft isn't always possible, but if your bike is stolen, you can help the authorities track it down. If you know your e-bike's serial number, authorities can call your local pawn shop and other thrift stores to see if anyone has sold them a bike with that serial number. That way, if a thief sells your bike, the police can get it back. In some cities, you can even register your serial number with the local police when you buy an e-bike so they can keep it on file and contact you if they find an e-bike registered in your name.

The serial number is almost always stamped on the bottom of the underside bracket of the frame (the part of the frame where the cranks mount). And some brands will emboss it at other places, like the serial number of Magicycle will be embossed on the head tube. Once you have the serial number, write it down somewhere safe and easy to remember. Some local police stations will even let you register your bike for free, that way if it's stolen and found, you can return it.

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