May 26,2023

Make Videos to Win Magicycle Ebike

Exciting news! To encourage more people to ride outdoors, get close to the nature, and stay away from the crowds, what's more, to have a healthier lifestyle. So, we encourage you to help promote the fun of riding by shooting videos, and be their hero, earn a brand new Magicycle bike for your family and friend to enjoy the fun of riding together.

1000 Magicoins will be rewarded for each video.
1 Ebike (Any Magicycle Model) will be rewarded for total 60 videos.

Requirements of the videos:
1. No less than 10 minutes.
2. No repeat content.
3. Must be original content.
4. The quality should not be blur, better than 720p.
5. Various backgroud and terrains required.
6. Suggested 20 "how to" series video, 20 " test " series, 20 vlogs showing people the beautiful views near your town. You can come up with more series.
7. Magicycle has the rights of the videos usage.

You could upload the videos on your youtube channels or send us the original videos with online drive.

All rights reserved by Magicycle.

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