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Magicycle Ocelot Pro vs. Himiway Big Dog, What Are the Differences?

E-bikes continue to grow in popularity worldwide, providing shoppers with a wide variety of choices. In the US, sales are projected to grow by 10% every year for the next 6 years. Recent advances in technology, along with a strong interest in renewable energy transportation, have been the fodder for a record-setting sales pace. The current market value of about $25 million will nearly double by 2028.

With so many choices available for electric bike fans, it becomes more and more important to shop carefully. It is worth your time to become well-educated in the pros and cons of any e-bike you seriously consider purchasing. Let's take a look at two of the top 20" fat tire step-thrus, the MAGiCYCLE Ocelot Pro and the Himiway Big Dog.

Quality, price, power, and appearance are the top contenders for evaluation by serious electric bike shoppers. An e-bike purchase is an investment in outdoor fun, exercise, improved health, and enhanced mood. That makes it worthwhile to shop carefully.

1. Quality

Quality control affects buyer safety and satisfaction, as well as return business. If you don't have a good experience with your e-bike, why should you consider buying the same brand again?

•MAGiCYCLE Ocelot Pro

MAGiCYCLE has the advantage of complete quality control. Why is this true? It's because MAGiCYCLE owns the factory that manufactures its e-bikes. This makes it one of the very few elite e-bike brands that actually own a factory. Many e-bike brands are simply selling e-bikes purchased from a factory that supplies multiple brands.

It is impossible to maintain satisfactory quality control if the brand does not own the factory. The 107,000 sq.ft. Magicycle factory boasts the best manufacturing technology in the world. Magicycle's factory has been in Wuxi, China, the Capital of Global Electric Bicycle Manufacturing for more than 16 years and has produced more than 1.2 million e-bikes, which are sold to North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, and other countries & regions.

From these countries, 800,000 users provided riding data that helped Magicycle develop its uniquely stable and comfortable e-bikes. This gives Magicycle customers the ultimate cost performance with state-of-the-art technology and materials, consistently exceeding client expectations.
Magicycle Factory

Quality is very difficult to judge just by looking. Certainly, it is bad news for consumers if a great-looking product is not backed up by quality engineering and production. The primary consideration is that Magicycle owns its factory and also has its own design and engineering team. This gives Magicycle complete control over the quality of its e-bikes, from concept and design to manufacturing and shipping.

•Himiway Big Dog

Quality is a bit harder to judge for Himiway ebike, as this brand outsources manufacturing and does not own a factory. It's just good common sense to exercise greater caution when evaluating an e-bike brand that does not own a factory. Also, do your research and take a close look at any comments regarding customer service after the sale.

2. Price

•MAGiCYCLE Ocelot Pro

Magicycle Ocelot Pro

The Ocelot is currently priced at $1889 after applying the $100 coupon provided by MAGiCYCLE.

•Himiway Big Dog

The Big Dog is currently priced at $110 higher than the Ocelot, at $1999. A $100 is NOT available unless you are willing to purchase two e-bikes.

In recent months, most shoppers say that every dollar counts. When you can get a better e-bike and spend $110 less that certainly makes the decision easy.

3. Power

•MAGiCYCLE Ocelot Pro

With the power to spare, the Ocelot will get you where you want to go. Its 52-volt 20-amp battery (LG brand) powers a 750-watt (1100 peak watts) Shengyi hub motor. Very importantly, the Ocelot's upgraded motor puts out 96 Newton Meters of torque.

Torque is important because of its relationship to power. You can think of torque as the power available for turning the rear wheel on your e-bike. The torque can be provided by a motor or by the pedaling of a bike rider. The harder the rider pedals, the more torque is applied to turning the rear wheel. In the same manner, the more powerful the battery and the better the motor design, the more torque is available for turning the rear wheel and propelling the electric mountain bike forward.

A motor with 96 Nm of torque gives your e-bike quicker starts and more powerful hill-climbing ability than a lesser motor with a lower torque output. Magicycle is absolutely the leader in available torque, giving you more power than any competitively priced e-bike!

To summarize, higher torque provides quicker takeoff, easier starts on an uphill incline, and greater ease of climbing hills.

•Himiway Big Dog

The Big Dog also sports an upgraded 750-watt hub motor (unknown brand), but it is powered by a battery (LG or Samsung) that provides only 48 volts. The total available torque for the Big Dog is just 86 Newton Meters, a significantly lower power point.

4. Appearance

It's true, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Here again, owning the factory is an advantage, as the manufacture happens in strict accordance with the wishes of the Magicycle Design Team.

•MAGiCYCLE Ocelot Pro

With the release of the Ocelot, the Magicycle Design Team maintains its reputation for developing strong high-quality electric bikes for adults that are also very appealing to the eyes. This gorgeous ride is available in 3 colors, but the standard Pearl White is more economical.

This e-bike is reminiscent of a beach cruiser that can easily traverse soft sand beaches while admiring the scenery. The comfortable wide seat, full fenders, and all-terrain tires make the Ocelot Pro ideal for cruising city streets, countryside lanes, off-road trails, or ocean shores.

In short, the Magicycle Ocelot Pro does it best—long distances, smooth pedaling, and sure-footed travel on everything from grassy knolls to sandy beaches or forest pathways.

•Himiway Big Dog

The Big Dog has somewhat of a utilitarian appearance, more suitable for a cargo-bike look. It does not have the sleek look of the Ocelot, but it does have sporty no-spoke wheels. Unfortunately, this e-bike is available in only one color.

Which of these two e-bikes has the better appearance? It's your call!

An e-bike purchase is an important decision, and not to be taken lightly. For one thing, the safety of the rider is involved. You want to be sure you are selecting an e-bike made by a company that maintains consistent quality control. MAGiCYCLE combines design excellence and quality control with a focus on customer safety and satisfaction. No other brand in this price range can provide you with an e-bike that has the same quality, power, and head-turning good looks!

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