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Magicycle 52V Cruiser VS. Himiway Zebra

At Magicycle we pride ourselves in producing Ebikes that deliver freedom and closeness among people by offering well-performed electric bikes at an affordable price point without sacrificing on design and specifications. 

Our recent series of comparisons between Magicycle and other competitive sellers around is to help potential buyers have a satisfying shopping experience, and here is how we stack up against a classic Ebike competitor—Himiway among the others. 

Although both electric bikes concentrate on a blend of mountain and urban cruiser, there are more detailed differences that need to be called attention to. Well, easier said than done. Let’s think twice before we make a leap. Hopefully, signs ——“ = ”, “ ? ”, “>”, “<” that stand in the middle of the following chart will assist in your decision-making, which represent equally favorable, inadequate info, Magicycle being more advantageous, and Himiway being preferable respectively.



It is hard not to notice the cool black Himiway Zebra, but it’s better not to let emotion take advantage of us when it comes to money. By lining up the technical specifications, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that Magicycle is more cost-efficient for tentative consumers with a budget under 2,000 USD. Overall, Magicycle scores more “>” than Himiway. Spare those comparisons end up with “=”. If we take a more scrupulous check at the two “

Magicycle sticks to its original belief in delivering affordable happiness to individuals, families, and all the beloved around. Everyone deserves beautiful cycling in the spring. 

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