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It's time to shred serious rubber- 6 best bike trails in Ontario California

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Trail#1- Eagle Scout Trail
Parking along the roadside is adequate and wide enough to be safe.Start up the road to the south of the parking area. You can follow the road pretty easily on the way over. The trail ends with about 100m of singletrack that branches off when you're next to the water tanks. From there, you can hike back the way you came or take the water tank service road to the adjacent neighborhood and hike surface streets back to the parking area.
If you reverse to go back over the hill, pedalling technique is important,but moutain ebike especially magicycle will help with uphill riding.there is one spot where you'll veer left off the main road, so watch for the turn-off on the way over (although I think the trail hooks back up later).
I would think this hike has nice views, but when I did it it was early in the morning, so it was dark and foggy. I suspect that you have a pretty good vista when it's clear.If you don't like flat, this is a good option for you.

Trail#2-Bonelli Trail
Surrounding Puddingstone Reservoir in Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park, the Bonelli Trail offers a great variety of terrain and settings. You can hike the trails in the surrounding foothills to get exceptional views, take a relatively easy hike at lake level, or do the entire trail as a loop - which is mapped here.
You'll get a workout with the rolling hills and occasional steep climb. There are a lot of trails to choose from, so you can come back often and not repeat trails that often.
Start by heading south on Walnut Trail, a wide open fire road with rolling hills. Follow it to the Upper Bee Hive Trail which will link to the Bonelli Connector. Continue south on the Bonelli Connector until you reach the Coyote Trail. This is a wide open fire road that starts with a steep downhill. Eventually, the hike transitions into a long, steady climb along more fire roads. This trail proves a good workout back.
At mile 5.2, turn right onto Crosby Trail and follow it north to Corkscrew and eventually Rocky Trail. Rocky Trail will lead you out to Puddingstone Rd where you'll turn left onto North Shore Trail, a scenic path along the north shore of Puddingstone Reservoir. Follow North Shore Trail all the way back to where you started.

Trail#3- Potato Mountain
Potato Mtn - Wilderness Trail is a 5.8 mile out and back trail located near Claremont, California that offers scenic views. This track is connectable from the Claremont Loop or Marshall Canyon Trail. I understand you can head up Every Canyon as well, but heard you need a pass (free) to get on the trail.
This trail is primarily used for hiking, road biking & trail running. Connecting from Marshall Canyon Trail will provide quite a workout, as it's 8 to 9 miles of climbing. I wouldn't recommend this on a hot summer day as there is little respite from the sun. If coming up the Cobal Canyon - Claremont trail, you're looking at 5 to 6 miles. The trail is all fireroad and not very rocky at all. Additionally, the last dig up to the peak is a pretty good stretch and a bit steep. It's really the only tough section.
Once at the top, the tradition is to leave a spud with your name on it at the concrete cylinder at the peak. Once up there, you'll get some good views of the Pomona Valley and Pacific Ocean on clear days.

Trail#4- Gale Mountain Loop
This loop heads up a very steep climb on paved Gale Mountain Rd, across the lovely John's Pasture Rd, and then down the unpaved Pomello Dr. It can be combined with the Claremont Loop for a longer hike.
Hikers can start from anywhere along the Thompson Creek Trail, but there is free parking at the northernmost end of Indian Hill Blvd or at La Puerta Park. While heading NE on Thompson Creek, hang a left over the bridge at the Girl Scout horse barn. Take an immediate right towards the gate and there is a narrow, somewhat hidden trail going over a small hill to the left. Follow the unpaved E. Pommello Drive road until it splits.
Take the right at the paved fork and get ready to work. The climb up Gale Motorway is steep and challenging, but you are rewarded with a nice hike along the lovely Johnson Pasture Rd. Keep taking left turns to complete the loop and end up where you started. This loop is much less crowded and prettier than Claremont Loop. For hikers looking for other options, there are many variations or add-ons to add some variety to your hike.

Trail#5-Cobal Canyon Fire Trail
Though not as beautiful as Marshall Canyon on the other side of the hill, this fire road is a good way to fill out a moderate Marshall hike. There's very little shade over here, so water yourself appropriately.
There is A TON of bike traffic on the weekends. Please make sure to communicate with the mountain bikers who might not be watching for foot traffic.

Trail#6-Park View Trail
The Park View Trail is one-mile path that traverses a shrub-covered hillside. It is primarily a narrow path that is an alternative route to the Middlecrest Trail. The trail provides a short and fairly moderate hike through the parks rolling hills. Some steep sections and rocky parts, so you might have to scramble just a little bit.
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