Is It Bad to Leave an Ebike in the Sun? July 21,2023

Is It Bad to Leave an Ebike in the Sun?

We all love riding ebikes in summer. The breeze and the air we feel while riding ebikes outside are cool and refreshing. It is like we can drop everything and focus on the moment of bliss.

When we feel hot, we can ride fast to forget about the high temperature, but what about our ebikes? I was once asked: Is it good for my ebike to be really hot? In general, electric bikes are good for summer biking. There are just specific things about the effects of exposing your ebikes to the sun and tips on how to protect them while it is necessary. Here, all the information will be covered, so be sure to watch till the end. You will find what you want.

Can you expose your ebike to the sun?

Generally, we don’t recommend leaving electric bikes in the sunlight, especially for long periods. However, it is possible to do so if necessary because we can't predict what the weather will be like tomorrow.

Exposing your electric bikes to the sun can lead to some damage to many components, especially the tires, and batteries. I believe all instructions provided by ebike manufacturers will advise you to keep your batteries away from extreme temperatures. This condition creates the possibility of an explosion while the battery continues to operate. Also, the battery capacity can lose more or less even though it is not broken.

Moreover, the sunlight will possibly hurt your tires and dry them out. This is pretty dangerous while you are on the road or in heavy traffic.

4 Hot Weather Ebike Tips

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1. Simply, stay away from the heat

When we are talking about “it is too hot for your ebikes”, do you know how hot it is? Let’s say 100 degrees. I am sure most of you guys will not choose to ride under such a condition, which is too bad for both you and your electric bikes.

One important thing you should note is that your ebike will probably be much hotter than yourself at the same temperature, especially for black ebikes for sale. They can absorb far more heat compared with other colors of ebikes. To avoid this, you could just place your electric bikes in the shade instead of sunlight if possible. When you have to do that, remember not to leave them in the sun for several consecutive hours.

Maybe you always put your ebikes in your own garages. It is usually better than putting them outside, but you must make sure your garages are well-ventilated. Otherwise, it is no different from the external environment.

2. Remove the batteries

Believe it or not, lithium-ion batteries are really susceptible to heat. If you are to park your ebikes in the sun for over an hour, you’d better remove the batteries before leaving to prevent them from getting overheated and stopping working.

It is not a good thing to always carry a battery in your hands because they are really heavy stuff. A fireproof battery bag can help you free your hands. What is more important is that it is of large capacity and fireproof, safe and big.

If you haven’t owned an ebike and are planning to have one, then you are recommended to choose ebikes with removable batteries, which makes it easier for charging and removing. Some ebike batteries are just integrated with the downtube so that they are not exposed to the external environment too much.

3. Make Use of a Bike Cover

While parking your ebikes outside in the sun, be sure to use a bike cover if there are no shades for you. The bike cover you are using must be made from UV-resistant materials, which can keep your ebikes away from sun damage. Also, a waterproof cover is really useful on rainy days.

4. Don’t overinflate tires

In the hot summer, you need to be aware of the tire pressure of your bike tires and never overinflate them. That’s because the air pressure in tires can increase when the temperature reaches a high point. If your tires are overinflated in the heat, the chances of blowing out will dramatically increase, which is really dangerous especially while riding off-road.

Before pumping, remember to follow the instructions of manufacturers on how much PSI you are going to get. If possible, buy yourself a bump with a barometer. This will be pretty helpful.

Enjoy Your Summer Rides

Even though it can be really hot in summer, riding an ebike makes me forget the heat and discomfort. We truly hope you can enjoy your summer rides just like me. Take good care of your ebikes, you will be taken good care of by them as well.

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