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How to Transport an Electric Bike—These Things You Should Know

Are you planning to travel with your electric bike? Whether you're riding your e-bike to the local trails or taking your e-bike to other beautiful riding locations on vacation, knowing some tips on how to transport your e-bike will come in handy anytime!

Weight, shape, and size are some of the most important factors to consider when trying to transport an electric bike for adults. While it may have been difficult to find a proper way to transport e-bikes in the past, today many manufacturers and bike rack companies are developing new transportation solutions in response to the growing popularity of e-bikes.

This article will tell you the factors that influence how to transport your e-bike and the best and most convenient method currently available for transporting your e-bike.

Factors Affect the Transportation of Electric Bikes

With the booming global e-bike market and the popularity of e-bikes, thousands of e-bikes are sold every year. There are also different types of electric bikes for adults on the bike market. These e-bikes have a unique shape, frame, weight and structural strength, therefore not all e-bikes can be transported in the same way. Instead, the different characteristics of an e-bike will determine its way of transportation.

The following factors will determine the way e-bikes are transported:

an electric bike with a truck

Electric Bike Frame and Shape

Different e-bike models have different shapes and unique frames. Some e-bikes have longer frames, while others are shorter. Some designs look bulky, while others are known for their elegant shapes. Most passenger vehicles cannot transport an e-bike if it is too long and bulky. You must transport it by some other means that allows large e-bikes. Some e-bikes have handlebars designed to protrude more. Such handlebars also limit the choice of vehicles when transporting your bike.

Electric Bike Tires

Different transport vehicles have different tire mounts. These tire mounts limit the size of electric bike tires that can be transported. Initially, few mounts could accommodate bulky e-bike tires. However, with the recent popularity of fat tire mountain e-bikes, which has been changed. Many ebike rack manufacturers are also designing their racks to accommodate the ebike with larger tires.

Electric Bike Weight

One of the most critical factors in determining the transportability and maneuverability of an e-bike is its weight. Electric bikes are much heavier than regular bikes. The material of an e-bike determines its weight. Steel frame e-bikes are the heaviest, while carbon fiber e-bikes are lighter. The heaviest e-bike on the market weighs nearly 40kg, while the lightest e-bike is only 8.5kg.

Different types of vehicles have different carrying capacities, so it is safer and more convenient to choose the proper vehicle for your e-bike to transport.

Transport Vehicles Types and Limitations

Electric bikes can be transported by car, truck, bus, train, or even air. However, each vehicle type has its own potential and limitations. Owning a minivan or truck means you can carry almost any type of e-bike. Just remove the seat of the minivan or make room in the trunk of the truck. What you need to do is strap your e-bike to ensure its stability during transport.

However, if you have a normal sedan, not every e-bike fits in the trunk. Even if you buy a mount or ebike rack for your e-bike, there are weight restrictions on the roof of a sedan.

For transporting e-bikes in a car, folding e-bikes are a good option. Magicycle Jaguarundi 52V Folding STEP-THRU Fat Tire Ebike is a lightweight and high-quality e-bike for you to commute or have fun with, provides the best quality components at the least cost of $1489. The vehicle can also transport any e-bike via the hitch mount after checking its weight limit.

Electric Bike Battery Disposal Method

Electric bike batteries all have lithium-ion battery chemistry. These batteries are capable of storing enough power for an ebike. However, the temperature sensitivity of lithium batteries makes it dangerous, especially during transportation, where there are many uncontrollable factors. If an e-bike battery is defective or damaged, it can overheat quickly. It will also overheat if left in the sun for too long. All pose a huge threat, as overheated e-bike batteries can catch fire and explode. This is why most countries have specific laws for the disposal of electric bike batteries.

100Wh Li-Ion batteries are considered hazardous items which means that higher-capacity e-bike batteries will not be allowed to travel by air. Only ebikes for sale with smaller battery capacity can be transported by plane. If you want to via the plane to transport your e-bike, you'd better clearly understand the limitations of the plane on battery products in advance.

As some electric bike batteries are exposed to the outside environment. When carried on a rack, batteries have the potential to be damaged during transport, and generally, avoid putting the battery in out-of-service electrical appliances for extended periods of time.

Additionally, some e-bikes have batteries that are easy to remove. For example, Magicycle electric bikes are equipped with easily removable battery packs. The battery pack can be removed and stored in the car, allowing you to load your e-bike onto a rack with confidence.

Mode of transportation for electric bicycles

1. Car Trunk

If your e-bike isn't too bulky, a car trunk is an economical and convenient option. All you need to do is put your e-bike in the trunk of your car.

If making room in your trunk is a little difficult, you can remove the front tire of the e-bike and store it separately. If the e-bike still doesn't fit, remove both tires. Is it easy to remove the tires of an electric bike? It depends on the e-bike you have. Some e-bikes have a quick tire release mechanism that makes it easy to remove and reinstall tires. If your e-bike has disc brakes, the tires will be easy to remove. Doing so allows a wide variety of e-bikes to be transported through the trunk of a car. You also have the option to fold or remove the back seat of the e-bike. This will also increase space and allow for the transport of larger e-bikes.

2. Roof rack

Roof racks can be mounted on the roof of almost any type of vehicle. These racks allow your vehicle to carry one or even more e-bikes at a time. But roof racks are somewhat restrictive yet. Because roof racks have their own weight and add the weight of e-bikes, it's not all cars can load them at the same time. Your vehicle needs to be properly certified to carry e-bikes on the roof. Roof-mounted e-bikes also add to the overall height of the car. That means your car will be limited in some tunnels or underground bridges, which have height restrictions on the vehicles that can pass. Electric bikes are much heavier than regular bikes. Installing and removing an e-bike from a roof rack can be quite challenging when traveling alone. If your roof rack is defective, or the e-bike is not properly installed, it'll be dangerous. A bumpy road or a panic stop may cause your e-bike flying off the roof. This will greatly damage your e-bike. But this method frees up enough trunk space for you to store your travel items or others compared to putting ebike in the trunk.

3. Luggage rack

Similar to the roof rack, it's attached to the body of your car as well, but at the rear of your vehicle and it can also carry more than one e-bike at a time.

Unlike roof racks, luggage racks don't change the overall height of the vehicle, so you can pass as you please. But you must first choose a rack designed for e-bikes. Electric bikes mounted on cars can also be damaged by rocks and sunlight, you could cover them with an e-bike cover. They are also at a higher risk of being stolen. An e-bike on a trunk bike may reduce visibility in the rear window and mirrors. The same as the roof rack, a defective rack or incorrect installation can cause your e-bike to fall and then damage your e-bike and be a hazard to other cars.

In Close

All methods have their advantages and limitations. Your budget and type of e-bike will determine which method is best for you, but any method of transportation should keep safety first. Whether riding locally or venturing into new places, the Magicycle e-bike is a great companion that will help you go further and further without sweating and exhaustion.

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