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How To Ride An Electric Mountain Bike?

You can only ride an electric MTB with confidence and fully enjoy the trials when you've perfected the proper riding techniques. Anyone can ride a regular bike; however, an e mountain bike is significantly heavier, which requires specialized skills. Therefore, It's essential to rediscover skills that you may have learned wrongly, such as the misconception that you must lean over the back of your saddle on steep descents, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Our guide will help you learn the most important techniques for riding an electric mountain bike like an expert.

The Starting Position

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On an electric MTB, the starting position is as important as the motor's performance. The ride will become difficult if either is absent. The starting position is the foundation of all riding skills, but it is sometimes ignored, especially by expert riders, leading to a position on the bike that must later be relearned. Therefore, before you buy the perfect hardtail electric mountain bike, such as the Magicycle Cruiser Pro, learn the following tips: 


You should get off the saddle and stand on the pedals as soon as the wheels begin to roll by themselves due to a slight gradient. Keep the cranks horizontal and balance your body almost fully on the pedals to stand in the middle of the electric bike. Your hands should hardly support any weight as you clutch the handlebar.

Feet position 

You can relax your heels during longer rolling passages to loosen up your leg muscles. The elbow and knee joints should be kept loose and slightly bent. Your limbs serve as suspension when riding over steps or roots, which aids in maintaining your balance. In addition, you can maintain control of the cockpit at all times by maintaining grips. Put your full weight on the pedals and stand solidly, nearly feeling no pressure on your hands.

How To Improve Your Balance?

When you don't have the necessary balance When riding an electric mountain bike, you'll have to swiftly remove your feet from the pedals, especially when riding on hilly paths. As soon as you choose the best hardtail mountain bike such as The Magicycle Cruiser Pro, you should start practicing balance, whether you're waiting for your friends, or riding to work every day.


The goal of a slow snail ride is to ride your electric mountain bikes the furthest distance in the lowest amount of time. Start in the middle of the starting area, and practise on a slight uphill to make learning the technique easier. Remember to keep it in easy gear and use the lowest support level.


Kicking is the process of slightly lowering the rearward-facing pedal and bringing it back to horizontal with a light kick on the forward-facing pedal. Try to move forward with slight pedal kicks while moving as slowly as you can. As a result, you stay in the middle of the wheel and can roll a little bit further with a second pedal kick.

How To Get Going From A Standstill?

Even on electric mtb, it can occasionally happen that you stop in the middle of a climb because the ground is loose or you just want to admire the beauty of nature. Before you can begin going again without too much worry, there are a few things to keep in mind.


As long as the trail isn't too tight, it's ideal to put your electric mountain bike to the side of the path, while facing upward at a 45-degree angle to the incline; getting on the bike is much simpler in this position. Choose an easy gear and a low support level, and keep both brakes applied in order to prevent the bike from rolling back.

Climb on

You should climb on from the side of the higher terrain, and sit down in the saddle. Then raise the outside pedal to the down tube's height. Keep your eyes on the trail in front of you while pointing at the front wheel in the direction you wish to travel. Additionally, sit on the edge of the saddle if the path is extremely steep to keep the front wheel from lifting when you begin to ride. Hold the saddle dropped if your seat post has a dropper; it will be simpler to keep your balance.

Pedal Stroke

Start riding while seated, without changing gears, and with your elbows slightly bent. Make sure your pedal strokes are hard but even. Focus on the trail in front of you. If your seat post drops, let it rise gradually. Depending on the incline, you can choose a higher assistance level or change gears once you've regained your rhythm.

How To Get Off The Electric Mtb On A Climb?

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On an eMTB, it's essential to develop the skill of dismounting the bike in the middle of a climb. It's impossible to get down with the bike between your legs due to the weight of the bike. Therefore, Keep the following in mind: 


You should think about dismounting if you lose your balance or run out of energy during a climb. We advise you to find an even area where you can stand.

Uphill Foot

Turn a little, then plant your uphill foot (the side facing the incline). On the side facing the incline, you are closest to the ground. Place your foot firmly on the brake pedals. By doing so, you'll maintain your balance and the bike won't roll back.

Downhill Foot

Swing your leg over off the electric mtb and to the side of the incline. Slowly lift the downhill foot on the opposing side off the pedal, then keep your hands firmly on the handlebars and stay on the brakes.

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