May 26,2023

How Much Does an Electric Bike Cost? -2022 Buying Guide

Electric bike market has become one of the fastest-growing ones in global market. According to statistics of a survey, an estimation of $5.9 billion created from bicycle market in the USA originates from ebike sales.

Nowadays, electric bikes are regarded as a life-changing means of commuting, particularly for travelling. Their built-in electric motors, PAS, which is pedal assist system, and the strong and incredible power make commuters change their mind to abandon regular mountain bikes to select electric ones. Even though riders begin to prefer electric bikes, many of them need to accept the fact that ebikes are much more costly than most normal bikes. If you are thinking about the budget for an electric bike that fits you the best while commuting to work or something else, it is absolutely important to understand just how much an electric bike is.

Therefore, we will talk about how much every part of an average costs in detail, aiming to make you understand what a reasonable or unacceptable price is.

Electric Motor

The power and performance of an electric bike's motor plays a decisive role in determining the pricing of an ebike. In general, the powerful the electric motor is, the more expensive the ebike is.

There mainly are two kinds of motors - hub geared electric motors and mid-drive motors. Even though both of them have their very own distinctive advantages and disadvantages, their power should be one of the most significant aspects when it comes to their pricing. A majority of normal electric bike motors are as powerful as 250 watts and commonly reach the peak of 750 watts. Taking Magicycle’s motors as an example, the power of its motor is up to 750 Watts, one of the most powerful motors in the ebike market. Higher ranked electric motors produce more power than those with lower ones, therefore giving a more unprecedented and crazy riding experience.

Whether you need an electric motor of great power depends largely on the way you are riding and the terrain on which you'll be on. If you live in a countryside with a number of steep hills, as an example, and also you need a powerful ebike that will take you up hills easily and comfortably without hustling, then paying a little bit more for a much more powerful motor might be a wise and sensible investment.

Electric Bike Battery

Besides the power of the electric motor, a lot of electric bikes are equipped with light, reliable, rechargeable lithium batteries. And the key factor differentiating one battery from another is how many miles of the range a battery can create before it runs down to almost 0%. 

The battery used to keep an electric bike motor working is an essential factor in how much an ebike is. But there are always exceptions. Magicycle’s large-capacity batteries are only available at 549$, and the chargers coming with batteries are fast-charging ones, which take only 3-5 hours to fully charge batteries and save you much more time.

The exact number of miles that one single charge of a battery can provide relies on a number of different factors, such as the weight of the ebike and the ride, the influence of the headwind, the number and steepness of the hills the ebike is climbing up, and also the proportion of human-generated labor force and also motor-generated power. If, for instance, a bicyclist pedals a lot of and uses a low degree of electric motor assistance, he is able to ride for even more miles out of one single charge than he would if he use full throttle mode all the way . Similarly, a rider whose trip to the food store is entirely on flat terrain will certainly gain even more miles out of his battery than a rider that has to climb up 2 steep hillsides to get to the specific store.

Since there are many factors impacting the number of miles a battery can give, electric bike producers and retailers normally define batteries in terms of mileage ranges that attempt to represent various riding styles and also conditions. A top quality electric bike battery should give, usually, someplace in between 20 and 50 miles of riding per charge. Basically, the more miles a battery can offer, the more expensive it will certainly be, so before choosing which electric bike is right for you, it is necessary to think about the sort of riding you plan on doing.

Electric Bike Components

Due to the fact that an electric bike is basically a bike, the mix of all the other non-electric, non-motorized bicycle elements applied to an electric bike is another essential factor influencing the ebike's overall cost.

When you pay to upgrade bicycle components, you're generally paying for components that are lighter, have better strength, tougher and harder, and work more efficiently than less costly ones of comparable low quality. Luxury derailleurs, for instance, change quicker and also smoother, and also are typically lighter and more sturdy than less costly derailleurs. Similarly, more pricey suspension forks will usually be more powerful, extra tough, and will certainly be more responsive and smooth on rugged terrain than less expensive suspension forks.

Similar to everything else, the kind of elements you need on your electric bike depends largely on the way you are riding. If you already know you'll be riding your electric bike exclusively on well-paved city streets for duty commuting, then you possibly don't need the same sort of hefty parts a rider may need as he tries to use his electric bike for off-road riding or riding on rougher bike paths. If you purchase a Magicycle fat tire all-terrain ebike, both circumstances make no difference because it could be applied to all kinds of terrains, surely including fat and plain city streets.

Basically, it is essential to purchase an electric bike with excellent quality accessories that match the sort of riding you intend to do. It will ensure that your bike is trustworthy, effective, enjoyable, and also decrease the frequency of fixing.

Ebikes frame Material

The 4th and last element that impacts just how much an electric bike costs is the material of its frame. Ebike frames of poor quality which are much heavier and much less sturdy will naturally be more affordable than better ebike frames, developed from lighter, more powerful, a lot more long lasting metal alloys.

It's important to spend your money on an excellent high-quality ebike frame for the reason that the frame is, literally, the skeleton of the whole ebike. Frames that are durable, trustworthy, and light-weighted definitely supply a better riding experience and most importanly keep you safe.

Expense After Buying

Also after you’ve got your electric bikes,  it can still produce expenses, including correct upkeep and also the charging of your electric bikes. Right here are the extra expenses that you should remember once you have already owned an electric bike.

1. Upkeep Expense

Like any other regular bikes, an ebike also needs to be fixed sometimes and regular maintenance. Electric bikes are not free from deterioration, and there will come a factor that pushes to take your bike for upkeep.

For a usual electric bike, you need to allocate around $700 to $1000. It is advised to launch this kind of maintenance every 500 miles your ebike takes or every 6 months of normal usage.

Another upkeep price to take into consideration is your ebike brake modification. As for this, you need to save around $20 to $35 relying on exactly how constantly you brake while riding. If the brake needs to be replaced, it is an inevitable cost that you must take into account.

Last but not least, the puncture of your tires should get on top of your fixing list. Ebike tires can be worn out very quickly, particularly if you ride your bike almost every day. Depending on the circumstance,  the cost can vary from $10 to $20, but it is Magicycle’s puncture-resistant fat tires, this kind of expense can be saved completely. 

2.Ebike Charging

Because electric bikes have built-in batteries, charging these batteries additionally comes with a price. The price of charging your electric bike batteries can start from $1 or more depending on just how much capacity it has.

If you desire a totally charged battery that can run as far as  20 to 40 miles, it can cost you $0.04-0.08 per charge. The cost will vary depending on elements like battery size, weight, and also the length of time it will be charged.

For each 300 to 400 mile battery needs, you have to allot a dollar for it. Obviously, it is way less costly than re-filling gas for your cars and truck.

3. Ebike Additionals

If you want an upgrade for your ebike, you will certainly be paying more to obtain additional accessories for your ebike. Depending upon the bike components and quality, you will spend around $45 to $100 for bike accessories. It currently includes safety and security licensed safety helmets and reliable ebike locks.

Obviously, the price of your ebike accessories significantly depends upon the type of devices, product applied, as well as their quality. If you want something that can last for an long period of time, you can just spend more.

4. Insurance Coverage

Owning an electric bike is currently a financial investment. Even though most ebikes include limited guarantees, it is recommended to secure your bike with an insurance plan. The price of your ebike insurance policy relies on the time span and also coverage you want to get.

You can choose to get a insurance that can last up to five years. The plan can cover motor, battery, framework, and also other parts of your ebike. In this way, you are much more secure in using your bike also on rough and difficult terrains.

An ebike insurance policy can cost you from $100 to $200 in yearly premium. With this amount, you can get wonderful insurance coverage and benefits.


Riding an electric bike is not only good for our environment, but can likewise cost you much less in the long run. Charging an ebike is way less costly than paying oil or gas bills. Nonetheless, you need to invest a substantial amount of money to obtain an electric bike.

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