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Get a free Magicycle Deer Ebike SUV, Who will be the Perfect Magicycle Ambassador?

Magicycle has grown in popularity since its inception. To thank all the Magicycle Fans for their support and love, Magicycle launched a campaign in late 2022 to select an ambassador to represent the gorgeous ebike brand.

At present, the first round of this campaign ended and we received a total of 18 videos from our Magicycle owners. Congratulation to all the participants and they got a chance to win a big prize - A Free Magicycle Deer Full Suspension Ebike.

So, let’s get to the point. The second round of the ambassador campaign starts right now. From 20th Feb, 2023, we will post one video in the Magicycle Facebook group from one of the candidates per day. Here comes your role:

For the candidates, please try your best to invite your family members, friends, and colleagues to vote for you. The more votes you get, the better chances you will get to win the big prize.

For the rest of the MC group members, we have prepared prizes. Please vote for one of your favorite participants by putting your comments below the video. Once you are selected, you will get a $39 gift.

3 Steps to Vote for Your Favorite Participants

To take part in the voting campaign, there are mainly 3 steps. First, please follow the Magicycle Facebook group. Second, like and share the video of your favorite participant. The final step is leaving a comment below the video.

By the way, please note that we will choose 2 winners below every video for the $39 prizes, so the total should be 36. However, For every 50 additional comments under one video,(based on 50 comments), we'll select another winner for the $39 prize. For example, if there are 100 comments under the Num 1 video, there should be 3 winners.

As mentioned above, the perfect Magicycle ambassador will get a free Magicycle Deer in any color and model. What is more important is that he is responsible for the promotion of Magicycle and cooperating with us in marketing activities. So, the future ambassador, please keep it in mind.

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