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Fixed or A Detachable E-bike Battery? Let Me Tell You

Fat tire electric bikes are growing quickly in popularity. Riding an e-bike to explore the outdoors becomes a perfect approach for people who would like to travel a long distance by pedaling, and now is a great time to be in line with e-bike riders like me.

Battery is heart of an e-bike or one of the most important ebike accessories. You're confronted with various brands and are not really quite sure whether to go for an e-bike with a detachable/swappable battery or with one that’s fixed to the bike? After reading the article you might be clear about your choice. 

What about Fixed Battery
Head for the pros of fixed battery. Bikes with fixed battery are relatively lighter which is a good thing for riders. Removable batteries compared with fixed batteries are commonly bigger and heavier. In addition, fixed batteries need extra places for parts like lock and battery holder which make it heavier, besides the frame needs extra reinforcements.

If style is of great importance for you, bikes with fixed batteries are great for you. Actually, for most urban commuting e-bikes in the world, an integrated battery is much more favored. The look of a regular bicycle hits customers value.

However, fixed battery can't fit all e-bikers needs. The biggest problem for them is you can't take a spare battery with you on a longer ride. As the range of the battery is limited, you might run out of power during your riding, then you can only pedal your e-bike which is definitely heavier than a regular bike.

The next issue you will complain about is when you charge, the bike needs to be there. Of course many e-bikers overcomes the charging block by charging their bike at work but they still have to find enough space for a big and heavy e-bike.

Then a rare possibility that you encounter something wrong with your battery would be a nightmare for all the fixed battery e-bikers. When you need repair for battery you need to ride your e-bike to a ebike shop. The receipt would wow you for the complexity of the repair. If you order your electric bikes online, and you need to replace your battery then it would be an annoying story.

What about detachable/swappable battery 
Talking about the advantages of detachable battery e-bike, one main thing you can directly feel is the convenience it brings to you. Because the battery is removable, every time you charge you just unlock the battery and even you can take the battery back into your house for charging. And if you live in the third floor of an apartment, you will be able to easily charge your battery. If you own more than one battery you can just go outside for riding when the other battery charges in your garage. 

Speaking of two batteries, another advantage of detachable battery is it make easier to travel a long distance every single time. The design means that the battery can be charged on or off the bike and that riders can bring more than one battery with them for longer rides. No matter where your destination lies the bike could be a great option for you.

The design of the detachable battery bike frame is always a weak point. They are typically visible on the bike frame. However, many e-bike innovation has resulted in smaller batteries or smart designs. 

Second, the battery is exposed to the air that means you have to take good care of your removable battery to keep it a good condition. Unlike the hided battery e-bike, the battery without any protection requires much more maintenance or it would influence the lifespan of the battery. 

Conclusion and tips for you.
So if you have no requirements for range and pursue the smooth design of traditional bicycles, a fixed e-bike would be your choice. However, if you chase a long range like me and prefer the convenience a removable battery brings to you, you'd better choose a detachable battery. I got my Magicycle few months ago which contains a removable battery. Following tips can help you better protect your beloved e-bike.

•The battery can be used on a rainy day but it can't be fully immersed in water or salt water. That is to say that water cannot overflow this location of the battery, nor should the battery be placed in water for a long time.

•When your charge your battery, don't charge it for too long and stop charging in time to avoid the situation of being overcharged. When there is no electricity it should be charged in time to avoid the battery running on or near empty. We recommend you disconnect the battery from the power source and charger as soon as possible once charging is complete. As with any appliance, you should unplug your charger when you're not using it to charge your battery. This will also prevent range decline from unnecessary charging. When you're charging up for a ride, keep an eye on the red and green light indicators on the charger. Remove the charger from the battery as soon as you see both a red and green light.

•Keep Average Battery Temperature
To protect the battery, always remember to store at ideal temperatures, store in a dry environment, use good quality tires and maintain regular upkeep of your bike, do not tamper or open the battery.

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