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Ebike Buying Guide 2022: Getting Away from the Pits

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular with many people. Equipped with batteries and motors, these distinctive bikes allow riders to run faster and farther with less effort than conventional bikes. As a green way of travel, it has many advantages such as weight loss, exercise, outdoor adventure, short-distance commuting, and so forth. If you’re considering getting an e-bike, keep scrolling down.

There is a huge diversity in the quality and performance of e-bikes on the market today, that’s dazzling and difficult to make a choice. People, especially the newbie easy to accidentally fall into the trap of crafty merchants and step the thunder, buying an electric bicycle with low performance at a high price, causing losses and regrets. In order to be able to buy a bike that fits your needs, there are some basics you need to know to avoid falling into the trap of malicious e-bike sellers.

In this article, We’re here to explain things in a simple and straightforward way and tell you everything you need to know before being able to confidently click the “Buy Now” button and go for a ride. Armed with the information in this article, you will be able to gain a clearer understanding of e-bikes.

Components on the E-bike that You Should Know

Magicycle Crusier


To understand electric bike batteries and how much power is needed. The key to battery power is the size of the battery in watt-hours. You will hear and see other terms such as Volts (or V), Ampere Hours (or Ah), and Watt Hours (or Wh). You need to understand that the formula for a watt-hour is: Volts x Amp-hours = Watt-hours. So when shopping for an e-bike, pay attention to watt-hours, not just ampere-hours. Watt-hours represent the total capacity of an e-bike battery. Compared to volts, we can find that cheap electric bikes on the market may have 36V batteries. What does it mean? The lower the voltage, the lower the battery energy and the lower the cruising range, which is difficult to meet the needs of commuting; the higher the ampere-hour, the longer the battery run time and the longer the riding distance.


The unit is watts. The higher the wattage, the stronger the power and the faster the speed. The motors mainly include HUB Motors and mid-drive motors. HUB Motors: hub motors drive the wheels directly, usually mounted on the rear wheels. Mid-drive motor: Go through the gear system, which is in the crank between the pedals. Because the mid-drive goes through a gear system, it changes torque so you can accelerate up hills and navigate changing terrain. Most e-bikes use hub motors, and you should pay attention to whether the rear tire is flat. If you ride in a state of flat, it's easy to damage the motor if you hit an unknown hard object.


Refers to the torque output by the motor from the crank end. The larger the motor output, the higher the load capacity of the electric bike for adults within a certain range, which can be well adapted to rough roads or riding conditions, such as rolling terrain, mountain off-road, and so forth. The average torque of most electric bikes on the market is around 60Nm, Magicycle Cruiser series is around 86-96Nm, providing you a better experience. Due to the different models, the power is also different. Choose the proper model according to your needs.


Tires over 4 inches or larger are called fat tires. Fat tire e-bikes can be used on a variety of terrains, with solid traction and grip, and some fat tires are puncture-resistant.

Fork Suspension

The part that attaches the frame to the tire. The front fork settings of many electric bikes are similar to the telescopic front forks of motorcycles, which can absorb shocks well on rough roads and satisfy the rider's daily smooth riding. Some e-bikes also add rear spring suspension in the rear for maximum rider comfort.


There are two types, one is a mechanical disc brake and the other is a hydraulic disc brake. The hydraulic disc brake has high sensitivity and strong capability. Oil is the medium, the pressure acts on the brake lever, and the force passes through the caliper through the oil pipe and pushes the piston in the caliper to drive the brake disc. Hydraulic discs dissipate heat very well, while mechanical disc brakes heat up quickly, are prone to loss of balance, and are less safe.


There are currently two different gearing types: mechanical shifting and electronic shifting. Shimano electronic shifting eliminates the need for traditional levers and machine cables while riding, shifting via electronic switches. Electric bikes like Magicycle are equipped with a Shimano 7-speed gear shift system, combined with 7 levels of pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensor, which brings a more comprehensive speed combination, which can find a pedaling rhythm that suits your speed according to the actual situation, giving the rider a faster speed. Comfortable and efficient experience.


The throttle of an e-bike is the physical connection between you and the e-bike. There are three main types of throttles: thumb throttle, half twist throttle, and full twist throttle. Of course, each type of e-bike throttle has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each has its own impact on your riding experience. Thumb throttle or full twist throttle for an extended period of time will easily lead to sore wrists. Half-twist throttle prevents this from happening and is safer than full-twist throttle.

E-Bike Accessories

Cycling enthusiasts usually love to decorate their e-bikes with accessories such as adding fenders, panniers, and racks. Many brands of electric bikes for adults accessories need to be purchased separately, but Magicycle accessories are free, such as full fender, rear racks, and front light, which saves cyclists time and money rediscovering the right accessories. All of its e-bikes are equipped with 80-lumen headlights and brake taillights for adding safety during nighttime riding.

Size of E-Bike

Don't ignore the dimensions described on page details. We have to make reasonable choices based on our own condition. If a small person chooses a model with high height requirements, it's difficult to get on or get off the bike, and it's difficult to feel comfortable when riding. The wrong posture of riding for a long time will cause spine injuries. When buying ebikes for sale, be sure to ask the service team for your height data. Although the seat height can be adjusted, the frame size cannot be changed, so please carefully check the size chart in the detailed drawing and compare it with your actual situation. Then you can get a framework that works best for you.

About E-bike Brands

Magicycle Crusier

To ensure that your rights are protected, do you seriously understand the brands in the market and their customer service? Brands with factories are rare, and brands without factories cannot guarantee after-sales, because they do not have a professional manufacturing team to provide you with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. Magicycle has its own factory and professional team that has been producing high-quality electric bikes for over 16 years. Magicycle is committed to making high-quality and affordable electric bikes for adults so that everyone can use electric bikes.

Additionally, no matter how strong the brand of the product we buy, the quality of the organizational components, or whether the product is used for a long time, unforeseen problems may arise. In order to ensure that the product is guaranteed, the first thing to know is the product warranty and customer service. The value of being responsive to everything is immeasurable. Most e-bike brands on the market have only a one-year warranty, while Magicycle offers a 2-year warranty. Besides, Magicycle also offers a 15-day return policy, as well as free shipping to the customer’s residence. 24-hour online customer service to serve customers at any time, answering questions and actively handling incidents.

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