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Do I Need A Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike?

Full suspension electric mountain bikes are a great choice for both inexperienced and experienced riders, users of all ages and sizes.

Their enhanced technology makes them an ideal selection for people looking to discover new places without having to be in the best shape possible, since the ebike can really help in uneven terrain, going uphill and downhill too.

In this article, we gathered the most important information you need to know and consider when looking for a full suspension electric mountain bike, and to determine whether they are perfect for you or not.

Full Suspension vs Hardtail Electric Mountain Bikes

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If you’ve ever looked for a new bike, you probably came across many different terms such as a full suspension electric mountain bike, a hardtail electric mountain bike, and similar.

Full suspension and hardtail are the most common types of electric MTB, but what are they really? To begin, full suspension electric mountain bikes, electric mountain bikes, and other related terms signify a bike that features both front and rear suspension.

This makes the electric MTB far more comfortable and efficient for riding off the road. Apart from this, the front and back suspension addition are great for improving the bike’s control and traction without having to put in a huge amount of effort.

As for hardtail ebikes, they are another kind of electric mountain bike with the difference that features just a front suspension fork, unlike a full suspension ebike.

These electric bikes are very lightweight and are relatively cheaper compared to others and can be a great choice for beginners.

What drags most riders, experienced or inexperienced, to choose full suspension electric mountain bikes is the extra comfort they provide, plus the technological features they have that help maximize pedaling, helping them ride farther without risking injuring their body.

In the following parts, we dive deep into the reasons why you might need a full suspension electric mountain bike.

Pros Of A Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

To help you determine whether you may want to choose an electric MTB or not, we gathered some pros of it, compared to hardtail electric mountain bikes.

If you’re an experienced rider, a full suspension electric MTB will become your favorite companion, especially if you love discovering new places and doing more than just staying on paved roads.

The suspension system helps keep the bike on the ground at all times, which is great for easily controlling it. If you’re a beginner, this is a key characteristic to know. Since this suspension system can absorb bumps and rocks when you hit them, it won’t affect your stability at all.

Continuing with this idea, full suspension e mountain bikes don’t slow the bike’s momentum when encountering rocks or bumps, which a hardtail ebike does.

The full-suspension electric mountain is ideal for users who are not very experienced with mountain bikes as well as for those who have knee problems or similar. This is due to the enhanced technology manufacturers develop when researching how to make electric MTB better.

As for hardtail mountain ebikes, they only have a front fork suspension system that can absorb bumps and rocks. Although they are also good for mountains and hard terrains, full suspension electric mountain bikes are a bit better in terms of riding comfort.

What To Consider When Looking For A Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

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There are a few important things we advise you to consider when looking for a full suspension electric mountain bike, which will also help in determining if that type of electric MTB is for you. The following aspects are mentioned in random order.

● Type of mountain ebike selected

● Size

● Features

● Price

To begin, it is important to analyze the type of mountain ebike chosen. Inside the world of electric mountain bikes, there are many different models with specific aspects and more.

If you’re a beginner, going for a classic full suspension mountain ebike is recommended. There are mountain ebikes perfect for hard-terrain only, others great for on and off-the-road, etc.

Apart from this, you should consider getting the appropriate size for you, since it will impact your performance. Most full suspension electric mountain bikes are perfect for a specific range of height, and others have a more limited size. Always check out the manufacturer's sizing guide and ask them if you have any doubts.

Beware of marketing designs compared to the quality of the bike. Some brands have incredible visual designs but when you go check the specifications section, the bike lacks many important things. Keep your head cool and consider all aspects of the electric Mtb, not just what your eyes quickly see.

Finally, you should compare different electric mountain bikes in all the categories just mentioned plus one of the most important things for a future buyer: the price.

There are hundreds of e mountain bikes available, and although most have similar aspects, the price is a big differentiator between all of them. Although you should choose an affordable ebike for sale, always analyze the specifications and compare them to how much they can help you improve your riding.

Not to say, many expensive ebikes have an elevated price just for the name of the brand, and not for offering something different to users.

Investing In A Full Suspension Electric MTB Conclusion

If you’re wondering if a full suspension electric mountain bike is for you, this post can answer that and more questions.

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