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Are Electric Beach Cruisers Worth It?

Owning an electric beach cruiser is a great thing, allowing riders in great comfort and style. This sort of ebike is not only comfortable but friendly for beginners. Also, riding an electric beach cruiser can make those long hot summer days more fun and interesting because of the electric assistance.

Even though it is a simple concept, many people who never ride an electric beach cruiser before are still wondering if it is worth such a high investment. The price can range from $1500 to even thousands of dollars. As the price is not a small sum, it is necessary for most people to consider if an electric beach cruiser is a great fit for their lifestyle and budget. So as you expect, we are going to talk about that in this article. Let’s move on!

What is an electric beach cruiser?

electric beach cruiser

Just like a regular electric bike, an electric beach cruiser is powered by an electric motor. It is specially designed to cruise on the beach or other sorts of terrain.

Usually, electric beach cruisers are equipped with fat tires for more traction and grip, wide handlebars for easy maneuverability, and powerful motor for fast speed. These components are quite essential for an electric beach cruiser to navigate on sandy beaches. So, obviously, electric beach cruisers are quite popular among casual riders and beachgoers who prefer to go out in a fun and eco-friendly way.

So, Are electric beach cruisers really worth it?

Absolutely, electric beach cruisers are worth it. For many people, investing in an electric beach cruiser could be pretty helpful, especially when they have to spend quite a lot of time biking on the beach.

As you can see from the name, it is easy to know that an electric beach cruiser is capable of cruising on sandy beaches. However, that doesn’t mean it can only be used in that scenario. An electric beach cruiser is kind of like an all-terrain electric bike, which could be applied to almost every kind of terrain, like mountain bike trails or old town roads. It will be always ready to give you a boost wherever you are.

For riders of all purposes, an electric beach cruiser is a wise option. When people feel like riding off-road, it provides strong power for smooth handling; When riders want to just wander around the town, the fat tires grant them soft and comfortable rides, greatly improving the riding experience.

The Advantages of Electric Beach Cruisers

Versatile Electric Cruiser Bike

Based on what was mentioned above, we could see that electric beach cruisers are incredibly versatile. Besides riding on the beach, you can also ride through neighborhoods to say hello to your friends and neighbors, or find a secret bike trail where you can take some off-road adventures. The style of electric beach cruisers will keep you cool wherever you go, and the fat tires are capable of absorbing shocks and bumps on those rough bike trails. It is just like you are just investing 1000 or 2000 dollars to get a multi-functional ebike type, so why not?

Best Option for Beginners

According to statistics, there are more and more people joining the community of ebikes, which is a piece of great news. At the same time, however, the number of beginners of ebikes is increasing as well. This can contribute to a rising number of road accidents if we take some effective measures, like wearing helmets and other protective gear or learning some basic knowledge about how to ride electric bikes on the roads.

Back to the point, for those ebike novices, electric beach cruisers are a great option. They are versatile in styles as they could be designed to be step-thru or step-over models, meeting various requirements. Moreover, the fat tires provide a sense of security so that people won’t be too afraid to take their first rides.

To put it simply, electric beach cruisers grant a customizable riding experience. When the speed is a little bit high for you to control, there would be a programmable display allowing you to adjust the speed based on your own needs. To avoid tiptoeing all the way on your electric beach cruiser, you could adjust the seat height as well, just like a traditional bike. Anyway, more options for customizing your ebike rides are still left for your to explore.

More comfortable

Believe it or not, electric beach cruisers are super comfortable. Besides the fat tires, the suspension system plays a big role in making bike riders comfortable. Whether it is a full suspension system or just a suspension front fork, they both help to absorb bumps on the road, which will definitely improve the biking experience.

Affordable Electric Beach Cruiser for Your Choice

Presume that you’ve made up your mind to purchase an electric beach cruiser, which one on the market would you choose? Here we got a Magicycle Cruiser Pro, one of the most classic models from Magicycle.

The Cruiser Pro is the exact bike that you are looking for when it comes to comfort, power, and style. It is equipped with a 1100W rear hub motor(peak power), which has a torque of 96Nm. With such high torque, riding with Cruiser Pro on a sandy beach will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. The 52 Ebike Battery on Cruiser Pro grants a long range between 60 - 80 miles, which is quite a long range for all kinds of purposes, such as riding off-road, running errands, or traveling.

For more details, you could click here. Now Magicycle is running its anniversary sales event where you can get a huge discount for all kinds of electric bikes for sale, it is the best time to grab yourself an electric beach cruiser.

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