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All the Things You Need to Know to Choose the Ideal Electric Bike Cycling Shoes

Knowing how to choose shoes that are suitable for our feet and for the electric bike discipline we practice is as important as which ebike to buy.

Now, what should I look for when buying cycling shoes? Many buyers when going to the store err on the side of focusing on the colours, the brand or whether it has one type of closure or another. The reality is that there are many more factors to take into account. Let's go in parts.

Road ebike

In general, cycling shoes are more rigid than street shoes so as not to lose power with each pedal stroke. Soft and flexible soles are not the most suitable for cycling.

But within cycling footwear, road cycling shoes are the most rigid, since they are designed only for pedaling. The stiffer they are, the better they will transmit power when pedalling.

But let's not think that rigidity in the shoe will imply discomfort. What we have to do is try many and find the one that best suits our foot.

Due to their rigidity, these shoes do not give themselves like street shoes, so when you try them on they must fit perfectly. Half a size larger is recommended, since in summer the foot swells with the heat, and in winter we can put a thicker sock.

Road cycling shoes are not designed for walking, so the less you do it, the longer the cleats will last. Depending on the area in which we live, we can find them more or less ventilated.

MTB shoes

Although rigidity is always important to be as efficient as possible, mountain ebike shoes tend to be less rigid than road shoes, since it is more common for us to walk punctually.

In addition, the sole comes with rubber studs, so you can walk without the cleat getting in the way.

Shoes for e-bike cycling in winter

To combat the cold of winter and the rain, there are cycling shoes specifically indicated for winter that can combine high shafts covering the ankle with fabrics to repel rain.

For winter you can also combine the road shoe that is used during the rest of the year with some boot covers.

Types of closures

Lace-up closure

The classic lacing is still used in a multitude of disciplines such as BMX, enduro, urban, mountain biking, etc... This type of closure has in its favour that it is cheaper and customizable, but on the other hand, it has the danger of the cord getting caught on some element of the bicycle or on a branch when passing through paths.


They are quick closures to take off and put on the shoes. And they are also light. But they have the handicap that over time they can lose properties, especially if you practice mountain biking in muddy areas.

Shoe body and fabrics

Cycling shoes are usually made of synthetic fabrics or leather, we have to look for one that adapts well to the foot and does not stretch when pedalling so as not to lose power. If the shoe has a silver mesh inside, that will help evacuate sweat from the foot.

The sole

A sole with a more rigid material transmits power better, but if it does not adapt well to your foot it can be uncomfortable. The materials of the shoes range from rubber, plastics, and nylon, to mixed with carbon grafts or full carbon fiber.

Sneakers with nylon soles will help us walk since they are more flexible, they are also cheaper. The carbon fibre ones will give us lightness and rigidity.


To choose the perfect shoe, we will look beyond one type of closure or one colour or another. The important thing is that it adapts well to your foot. And each brand and each shoe works with different lasts and not all of them can be good for us, so the recommendation is to try before buying, because an inappropriate shoe will make our outings turn into hell.

When buying mountain biking boots, we will look to see if they have reinforced toes and heels, which is always good to be protected from possible hits with rocks, stones, branches, etc.

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