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A Letter to All the Beauties

Dear sweeties:

What makes you happy? Roses and chocolates? A perfume that suits your temperament? Or make-up to make yourself look prettier? Yet, as a Greece writer Plutarch has it, when the candles are out, all women are fair. What lasts forever is the inner beauty, especially which is considered by people lacking in women - Bravery - the bravery of facing new challenges and overcoming difficulties. In this sense, a special gift for women on every beautiful day. It's about health, challenge, care and love from the Magicycle Ebike
1. Challenge yourself with new things.
It's worthwhile to try new things. Have you ever ridden a bike over steep hills? Without motor assistance, but more on their own power to climb the steep slope with transport is a magic thing. Compared to the common 80N.m torque of other brands, Magicycle, equipped with 86N.m torque provides more power and generates more assistance on steep hills. The b.52V system is able to have faster acceleration than the common 48V or lower systems on the market, with the Magicycle reaching a top speed of 28 mph, or about 45 kph. When riding on Magicycle to overcome the hills one another, the spirit of adventure manifests again since the last time you rode on a skateboard when you were little, or first drove the car at 16. The dopamine is released at its high from excitement and rejoice from the conquest of fear and tiredness. So, are you ready to reach high with Magicycle?

2. Give you a sense of security
Of course, Magicycle will ensure your safety during your ride with freedom and pleasure. Magicycle takes you out on a ride after an exhausting journey, advancing steadily and comfortably with the shake-proof tires and soft memory-foam seat saddle, holding you tight and dispelling the dark cloud above your head along with the wind. Late at night, Magicycle will protect you from potential danger. Equipped with a tail light, she keeps you safe in cycling by wearing a rosy face. She will automatically redden to warn back cars when you brake to keep a safe distance, until escorting you to the home door safe and sound. By the way, unlike the common black & white display, Magicycle wears a color one, which serves you right even under an awful glare. Never mind the safety during your ride, for Magicycle demonstrates its security in detail.

3. Take good care of you
In pursuing the adventurous dream to reach high, Magicycle prepares well to take good care of you. An USB charging port is available on the display to save your dying phone, connecting you with the rest of the world. With excellent pre and after-sales service connecting producers and customers, the mode of direct sale from the factory makes it possible for Magicycle to channel feedback from clients to producers directly and efficiently. Compared with the commonly-seen 5-level mode, Magicycle has 7 levels of pedal-assist available, which enables more choices and freedom in your cycling, adjusting to different terrains and moods. By doing so, Magicycle sets your hand and heart free in pursuing your dream journey. With Magicycle, you can travel light with worries left behind, for she will take good care of you. 

Magicycle provides you with a new experience to help you ascend the steep slopes and reach the peak. You will discover a new, brave self, a person who is willing to conquer and challenge himself. In this journey, Magicycle will protect your growth with caring service and safe design. Tenderness, delicacy and rose belong to women. Power, sweat, and lions belong to women as well. A woman is never a person who 'should be', but who 'wants to be'. 

Again, dear sweeties, be the person you dream to be.
Best Regards,

15th March, 2022

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