May 26,2023

A Game Changer for Hunting. My Experience of Electric Fat Tire Bike for Hunting.

I'm in Montana where we have miles of logging roads with no way to access great hunting that is deep within the wilderness. I have to admit when I first saw the fat tire electric bikes I was pretty skeptical about the functionality for hunting. However, I didn't buy it for hunting so my expectation was extremely low. After all it's a pretty significant financial investment and I was wondering how many advantages can it really bring. After having used one on a couple of hunts I'm totally sold. I can tell you that E-bikes are a game-changer for hunting public land. I can name several significant advantages I have learned from using my Magicycle Ebike.

First and foremost, these high quality, puncture resistant thread tires give an unstoppable force that provides extreme grip in any environment. If you enjoy adventure like me, these tires will take you where no other types of tire could go whether it is snow, mud, sand. It provides unsurpassed all-weather traction, and robust flat protection. They can be used in all weather conditions and your bike will not slip in water or sink in snow or mud. With Fat Bike tires, your electric bike will be perfectly balanced while riding without extra effort. So the next time you're stuck indoors on a snowy day, you can take a cruise through your very own winter wonderland and make the most of it!

Second, with 52v 15amp battery and 750w motor I can easily carry out my daily chores of scouting and checking trail cameras. In the past I would take an hour or more to walk the perimeter of a large field looking for scrapes and rubs tracks and trails but now I can do it in 20 to 30 minutes riding. To a stand far away from the road meant getting sweaty and leaving before daylight but now I can use the electric assist and get to my stand in a fraction of the time and I don't work up a sweat.

Also, the federal standard for electric vehicles is that any vehicle with 750 watts or less is not considered a motorized vehicle, and most states follow the federal lead in this regard, o you can use 750 watts on most hunting public land in most states. Adding a trailer allows me to tow a lot of gear into the woods to save time, sometimes it's easier than I thought to haul your deer out with a trailer behind the bike.

Third, this E-bike is comfortable and easy biking. That’s might be the greatest advantage of fat tire bikes. These fat tires are made of super elastic rubber for low pressure and good shock absorption. This gives you more suspension, comfort and ease when riding long trails or rough mountain trails. 

Even if you're new to E-bikes, fat tires will give you a feeling of power and stability which would definitely boost your confidence. Additionally, tire pressure can also vary depending on the conditions the rider experiences.

You can use this bike three different ways. You can use it purely as a bicycle with no electric power at all or you can use full electric power which allows you to use no physical exertion and you don't sweat. Or the way that I use it the most of the time is using the pedal assist which helps boost you going up hills or pulling a load this bike will go about 20 miles an hour on flat surface and it will go about 19 miles on a full charge of the battery I've now put a ton of miles on my Magicycle in hunting public lands I'm really impressed with the advantages it gives me I'm sure you will be as well.

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