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Bike Pump

Price: $14.99 $29.99
(27 reviews)
1. It is more labor-saving to use the foot drive mode.
2. Compared with the traditional foot pump, it is more convenient to carry.
3. Accurate barometer, and real-time display of air pressure data.
4. High-pressure 120PSI.
5. Multifunctional compatible valve Compatible with American valve (Schrader Valve), French valve (Presta Valve), and with additional air needle to inflate balloons, swimming rings, basketballs, inflatable boats, etc. (our bicycles belong to American valves)
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Magicycle Top Tube Bag

Price: $11.99 $39.99
(35 reviews)
A top tube bag is an especially handy addition to ebike, or any bike luggage setup for that matter. 

1. High Sensitivity Touch Screen
2. Big Space & Compatibility
3. Durable & Excellent Waterproof Performance
4. Easy to Install & Quick Release
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Password Lock

Price: $11.99 $39.99
(26 reviews)
Love your bike, lock your bike!
For maximum strength and flexibility, the Magicycle 5-digit combination scooter lock offers keyless, convenient security for your bicycle against theft.
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Magicycle Ebike Front Basket

Price: $109.00
(19 reviews)
You have things. We have things to hold those things
Versatile and stylish, carry your essentials with the easily mountable basket.
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Smart Helmet BH51M Neo

Price: $159.00 $179.00
(30 reviews)
Redefine Your Safety!
This Helmet won IPSO 2018 Product of the Year, 2018 and 2020 IF Design Awards!
Bright, smart, and dynamic lights, make your rides safer on the road!
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Magicycle Fireproof Battery Bag

Price: $39.00
(11 reviews)
1. 100% inner fireproof fiberglass fabric, heat insulation temperature up to 1000℉.
2. Stop the explosion from overheating.
3. A convenient way of safeguarding your batteries during charging, transit, and storage.
4. Safely transporting, storing, and charging batteries. 
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Magicycle Bike Rack For Car

Price: $399.00
(26 reviews)
Make travel easier!

1. Frameless Contact Design: Zero contact with the bike frame, no damage to the frame or surface of your bike.
2. Large Load Capacity: The maximum safe load is 145 lbs.
3. Compatibility: Suitable for all models of Magicycle. Fit on 2-inch receivers.
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Light Bike Helmet

Price: $59.00 $79.00
(22 reviews)
Recreation, commuting, and safety!
1. Adopt PC shell + EPS inner layer for maximum comfort and protection;
2. Detachable brim and 6 through vents;
3. Soft, comfortable, moisture-wicking, washable inner lining;
4. Easy adjustment and secure fit;
5. Tail reflective sticker design ensures safety.
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E-bike Panniers Bag with Adjustable Hooks

Price: $69.00
(4 reviews)
1. Large Zippered Pockets - Panniers with large zippered pockets, reflective trim, and carrier handle on top.
2. Angled pocket Design - Angled pocket design ensures pedaling space.
3. 3M Reflective Trim - Ensures nighttime visibility.
4. Adjustable hooks fit most bicycle racks
5. Rigid Back Panel - maintain the bag structure for easy access on and off the bike.
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Portable Bluetooth Bike Speaker

Price: $35.00
(26 reviews)
More Freedom To Enjoy Music, More Interesting Journey.

1. Shockproof & IP65 Waterproof: Perfect for indoor or outdoor activities.
2. Small Screen Display: Show the remaining battery power, time, and speed. 
3. Connection Method: You can connect your device to speakers within 10m. 
4. Built-In Microphone: Provides hands-free calling function.
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Magicycle Battery Charger

Price: $85.00
(4 reviews)
Modiary charger: 54.6V 3A
Applicable models: 52V / 15 Ah,52V/20Ah
Notes: All ebikes come with a charger, only purchase if you want an extra charger or need a replacement.
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