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Suspension Seatpost ebike
Suspension Seatpost
Suspension Seatpost bike
bike Suspension Seatpost

SAFORT USS Suspension Glide Seatpost 30.9/33.9mm Shock Absorbing Bike Seatposts

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Experience unparalleled comfort and performance with the SAFORT USS Seat Post.

Practical & Functional: Skillfully designed and constructed to ensure enduring comfort and performance over the years. Its exclusive patented parallelogram mechanism offers seamless absorption of minor impacts, boasting an impressive 50mm travel capacity that guarantees a luxuriously smooth journey.

Guarantee Your Smooth Ride: Four-link and cantilever design seamlessly absorbs minor impacts and enjoys a smooth ride with 365mm length and 50mm travel, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride on all terrains.

Comfort: Prioritizing both comfort and long-lasting resilience, this seat post minimizes maintenance demands while maximizing riding pleasure. Elevate your riding experience with the ultimate upgrade for riders seeking exceptional comfort.

Multiple Diameter Options: The seatpost is available in 3 diameter options (ø30.9mm, ø31.6mm or ø33.9mm adjustable). Choose a combination that suits your preferences and riding style. Be sure to have a clear idea of the outside diameter of the seat post you need before purchasing. If you don't know how to measure, you can consult our customer service at any time.

1. Tighten the threaded collar for free play adjustment to prevent shaft side play.
2. If you feel that the product is not functioning properly or the user's weight has changed, you can use an Allen wrench to adjust the tension of the coil spring on the nut. After adjustment, the nut should be fully engaged within the tube.
3. Please put the safety cover on the seat post before riding.
4. Keep your limbs away from the seat post while riding.
5. Keep children or passengers away from the seat post while riding.
6. Please refer to the tightening torque shown in the instruction manual, otherwise the bolt may break and cause personal injury due to excessive/weak torque.

Diameter ø30.9mm: Ocelot/ Ocelot Pro/ Cruiser/ Cruiser Pro
Diameter ø27.2 mm or ø33.9 mm: 26"Deer/ 20" Deer/ Jaguarundi

Material: Alloy 6061 T6
Travel: 50 mm
Diameter: Size 1: ø30.9mm/ Size 2: ø27.2 mm or ø33.9 mm adjustable
Length: 365 mm
Off Set: 25 mm
Process: Forged


Elevate Your Ride with the Adjustable Suspension Seatpost

Softness & Hardness Adjustable

Using a 5mm Allen wrench at the bottom, you can adjust the softness and hardness according to the riding surface and weight to make riding more comfortable.

Seatpost Suspension Protection

Come with a protective seat post cover, which effectively keeps dust out of the seatpost bearings and joints, prolonging their life. fits most bikes, more durable, more resistant to dirt and also effective in preventing fingers from getting caught.

Premium Material

Made of high-quality 6061 T6 aluminum alloy with forged machining process surface, which offers high strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting use.

Clear Seat Post Safety Lines

The safety dimensional line can provide clearer instructions on how you can install and add a layer of protection to your riding. Please do not install it below the marked range of the safety line.

Installation Instruction

Step 1

Remove your e-bike seat saddle
how to install Suspension Seatpost

Step 2

Loosen the screws on both sides of the seat post
Suspension Seatpost

Step 3

Install the seat saddle on the seat post and tighten the screws
Suspension Seatpost intall

Step 4

Installation is complete, and start your adventure!

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Isabella Adams

Adds an extra layer of comfort to my rides. Installation was simple, and the quality is excellent.

Alexis Phillips

Noticeable difference in comfort compared to my old seatpost. Happy with the purchase.


As someone who bikes daily, this seatpost has been a game-changer. Less fatigue and more comfort.

Christopher Baker

Makes rough terrain feel smoother. Easy to install and adjust to my preferred height.


Noticed a significant reduction in vibrations during my rides. Great addition to my bike.