1. How do I order?

You can place your order through our online store or give us a call at +1 647-361-1265 and we'll be happy to help you place an order over the phone.


2. Payment options?

We offer 4 payment methods through check out.
1. Paypal
2. Credit Cards/Debit cards
3. Klarna/Affirm (Buy now Pay Later)

For more details, please check here.


3. Why the payment failed?

If you pay by credit card, your payment could be somehow denied at the checkout by our system in defense against possible credit card fraud. It's a good idea to check your text message or email to authorize the purchase, or contact your card issuer, and lift the fraud alert on this payment, so they will let you proceed. Under such circumstance, here are 3 solutions for you:

1) Please redo the order and finish your payment with Stripe. It is very secure and it processes your payment way more easily.
2) If you have a PayPal account, please try to pay by PayPal(PayPal credit is available).
If you do not have a PayPal account, please select PayPal still at the checkout page & click the complete order button. Then you'll be directed to a page with access to both PayPal and Debit/Credit card payment (You don't have to register for PayPal).
3) Please switch to your other credit/debit cards.

Contact us if you still have any question about the payment.


4. When will I be charged?

Once you place your order (even if it is pre-order or on backorder), your credit/debit card will be charged immediately. Upon purchasing, customers agree there may be a delay to their projected delivery date, regardless of when the item is expected to ship. 


5. Do I need to pay the sale tax?

There is no sales or VAT tax included in your order, when you check out, the total price is for the item + shipping (if necessary).


6. Will I pay the international fee?

Magicycle does not charge any extra fee from our customers.

The international fee depends on your payment bank, some banks may charge the fee.

If you have more concerns about it, please contact the bank directly.



1. Where do you deliver to?

At present, we can deliver orders to US. Unfortunately we're unable to deliver to FPO/APO addresses and PO boxes at this time. Click shipping policy here.


2. How long for the delivery times?

Place your order now, ship in 2 working days from US, and another 3-7 days delivery by UPS or Canpar.


3. Can I pay more for expedited delivery?

Every parcel will be sent out batch by batch according to the purchasing date. We do not support expedited delivery with additional money. This is the same for all customers. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


4. Can I pick up the bike?

We do provide pick up service, if you would llike to go to our warehouse, please contact us for details.


5. Will the accessories I purchased be delivered with the bike?

Bikes and accessories are shipped in different packages, usually accessories are shipped from China, it takes 2-3 weeks for shipping, thank you for your patience.

If you have not received the package after EAT, please contact the after-sales team to check your package.



1. If something goes wrong with my ebike, what can I do?

Please do not worry, for any bike issues, just contact us by reaching out to the support, we will help you fix the problem and ship the replacement parts to you, the after-sales department will follow up until your case has been taken care of it.


2. Does Magicycle really carry a two-year warranty?

Absolutely! All Magicycle bikes are covered under our 2-year, all-inclusive manufacturer's warranty for the owner against all manufacturing defects.

The warranty starts on the day you receive your Magicycle.

It covers frames, batteries, and some components, and you can click here to learn the details about the 2-year warranty.


3. Do I need to register my ebike for warranty purposes?

No need to register, for any bike issues, just send an email with a video or some photos showing the malfunctioning part/component are required by the two-year warranty as there may be a simple fix to the problem. If any replacement parts are needed, our support team will look into it based on the photo/video you provided, and get back to you with an optimal solution in 24 hrs.


4. What's the 15 days return policy?

We hope you love your bike as much as we do, but if it turns out that you need to submit a request to return a bike that didn't fit your needs, we're pleased to offer a refund within 15 days from the day you receive it. (as long as your e-bike is in an as-new condition). 

We suggest that you keep the box intact for a smooth return process.

Simply contact support_ca@magicyclebike.com, and have your proof of your purchase, and the same card that you used when you originally purchased the e-bike one of our friendly colleagues will then be happy to process the refund for you.

Click here to learn more about return& refund policy.


-Magicoins & Discounts

1. Can I stack the two discounts repeatedly?

Sorry that only one coupon can be used on one order, we do not support stacking coupons. Thanks for your understanding.

You can redeem your Magicoins to get a discount, which would save up to 3% of the cost of the entire order.


2. How do I use the coupon code when checking out?

Enter the coupon code and then apply, the total price will be updated.


3. How do I earn and readem Magicoins?

We welcome customers share the shopping experiences with family and friends to save money!

Registering400 Magicoins

Following Magicycle FB Page200 Magicoins

Following Magicycle YouTube Page200 Magicoins

To earn more Magicoins, please click here!



1. Can I have a test ride before purchase?

Sure! Here is the dealer map.

You can put your address in and choose the nearby shop for a test ride.


2. Which bike would fit me?

Bike fit is one of the most important things to consider when buying a bike. 

If you're ready to buy online, first check out the model's product page below, to see which bike would be a good fit.


Model Recommended rider heights
Cruiser 5'5"–6'5"
Cruiser Pro 5'5"–6'5"
Ocelot 4'10"–6'2"
Ocelot Pro 4'10"–6'2"
Jaguarundi 4'10"–6'2"
Commuter 5'7"–6'5"


3. What terrians can I ride my Magicycle bike in?/Can I ride on the beach or sand?

The fat tire All-Terrain E-bike allows you to conquer all types of terrain sand, snow, gravel, prairie, off-road trails, etc. 

Magicycle can be used to cruise the beach. It's important to rinse sand and saltwater off your bike every day to keep the metal from corroding.

Parts other than moving parts (like handlebars and seats) can just be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Or if you live in a humid area or riding off-road, we think it’s a good idea to spray down all moving parts and bare metal before riding or storing in damp or corrosive environments. After riding clean then treat again.


4. Can I order Magicycle bikes in a custom color?

Sorry we do not currently offer custom color services.

You can choose the color on our website, it definitely stands out.


5. What kind weather can I ride in?

Magicycle is built to the IPX6 water-resistant standard. It indicates your bike is resistant to multi-directional water splashes, meaning it is okay to ride or park your Magicycle in rain. Light to moderate raindrops or splashes from a wet road will not harm your ebike, but be weary of harsher weather and rainfall conditions.

Additionally, do not stay too long in heavy rain. The general rule of thumb is, if weather impacts your visibility and has the possibility to affect your bike's functionality, it is likely not a safe riding condition. With that in mind, safe riding!  


6. Does Magicycle ebikes come assembled?

The bike comes to you 90% assembled, you just need to put 1. front wheel & 2. handlebar together, and it's ready to go.

Most customers find it easy and did it themselves.

Please follow the Magicycle assembly instructional video below.

This will make it easy for you, and our customers tell us it requires about 30 minutes to complete the assembly.


Clink here:

Front tire installation

Full Assembly Instructions