Passenger Package
Passenger Package

Passenger Package

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The saying goes that the best memories are ones shared with others. With the eBikes Passenger Package, you can keep your favorite people nearby for all of your riding adventures!

Comfortable Rear Seat Cushion Deckpad: With an ergonomic design, the oversized saddle with a thick inner sponge and soft PU leather surface ensures coziness during extended rides. the handrail grab bars and footrests add safety, allowing children to relax back while you ride (best for children over 6 years old, also suitable for adults)

Rear Seat Handlebar Armrest: Very comfortable and super sturdy. Made of advanced Aluminum Alloy, with smooth and blunt edges, comfortable and safe. When using the armrest, the rear seat will be safer. Suitable for children over 5 years old, best for children and adults. The handlebar grab bars give you a sense of security by giving you a place to rest your hands. 
*Note: The handlebar armrests are designed to be mounted on the seat post. If the rider has the seat post in the lowest position and there is no room to mount the handlebars, the handlebars may be difficult to reach or mount.

Rear Footrest Peg for Passenger: The back pedals are great footrests for passengers sitting on the back seat of the bicycle. They effectively protect their feet from contacting the wheel, thereby increasing safety. In addition, these pedals provide extra comfort, allowing you to sit relaxed and comfortable during long rides.
1. Only use it to step on the pedal when people sit in the rear seat. Do not stand up by stepping on the pedal bar while riding.
2. Remove the transmission protection frame when installing on the right side.
3. The load-bearing capacity should not exceed 165 lbs/75kg.
4. Do not stand, please pay attention to safety.

**Warning: A passenger incapable of riding a bike on their own should not ride as a passenger. Use your best judgment as a parent or guardian to keep a child or an adult passenger and the rider safe.

What's in The Box:
Rear Seat Cushion Deckpad x 1
Rear Seat Handlebar Armrest x 1
Rear Footrest Peg x 1

Rear Seat Cushion Deckpad:
Size: 15.75’’*5.91’’
Material: PU+Sponge
Weight: 0.99lbs(450g)

Rear Footrest Peg:
Material: Aluminum alloy
Mounting Hole Opening: 14mm
Size: 4.57"L x 1.77"W (11.6x4.5cm)

Rear Seat Handlebar Armrest:
Material: Aluminum Alloy + High Quality Soft Rubber
Handbar Grip Size: 8.07inch /20.5cm

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