Magicycle Ebike Key
Magicycle Ebike Key
Magicycle Ebike Key
Magicycle Ebike Key

Magicycle Ebike Key

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If you lose your Magicycle e-bike key, just select the key according to your e-bike model, and note the key number on your e-bike battery lock when placing an order, then we will make the special key set for you.

1. The Customized replacement keys for your e-bike will take 30~40 days to send out.
2. These keys are customized for your e-bike, so they cannot be returned or canceled!

Customer Reviews

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Allen Green
Keys no 157

It's been over 30 days, hope the key comes soon

Isidore Lawrence
Ebike Key

A few months ago, I bought an Ocelot ebike from website. This ebike performs very well and I feel very comfortable while riding it. So I often take it out and enjoy nature. But one day, when I was planning to go out for a ride, I found that my ebike key was missing. In response, I approached Magicycle for their help. They told me that they could customize the key, and that solved my problem. Thank you Magicycle!

Harley Bertha
Replacement Keys

I am a person who often loses things, so I am worried about the day I lose my ebike keys. To avoid this, I needed to find replacement keys. I found out that Magicycle can customize the keys to my ebike. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you Magicycle!

Sean Becher
Great Key

I needed a replacement key for my ebike because I had accidentally lost it. In response, I found Magicycle to help me with this. But the waiting time for the replacement key is a bit long. Luckily, I finally got the replacement key, otherwise I would have been in big trouble.

Zebulon Pope
Exactly what I need

I was planning to go out for a ride with my friends last week. But I found that my e-bike key was missing. I searched for a long time but couldn't find it. Fortunately Magicycle allows custom keys, so I can have replacement keys.