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There are moments when you just want to cruise in life. Then come the times when you have to make your mark and ride it out.Wade has been passionate about vehicle development and design for over two decades. This enthusiasm stems from his childhood memories growing up in a small town with his father. As a young boy, he looked up to his father as a hero.

The two of them have always shared a close relationship. Some of the happiest times Wade can remember are the bike rides he and his father often took riding through their small town nested up in the mountains. The smell of the wildflowers coupled with the clean crisp air as they rode along the dirt trails always felt extremely comforting. There was no other place in the world that brought them this close together every time they rode. His father’s love for the outdoors always gave Wade a great sense of freedom .

He majored in energy and power engineering in  university, as he wanted to combine his enthusiasm of riding bicycles with  power derived from motorcycles.  Remembering the freedom he felt riding bikes was always the inspiration he needed to excel at his craft.

While visiting his father few years ago, Wade felt conflicted. He enjoyed creating innovative motorcycle designs as a career. However, his father could no longer ride his bicycle like they used to do because of arthritis in his knees.To help his father, Wade decided to use his expertise to design a special ebike for him. With a sense of urgency, he quickly procured the parts necessary to upgrade his father’s bike into an ebike. A look of amazement overcame Wade’s father when he was presented with the ebike. After spending the day riding bikes together like they used to do, Wade’s father called the experience “magical”. He never thought he would ride a bike again.  Seeing how ecstatic his father was riding his ebike, Wade made it his mission to bring the same experience to others.