Test Riding Center Program for Magicyclebike Ebikes

Test Riding Center Program for Magicyclebike Ebikes


 How to be a test riding center

II. How to be our riding center:
I)Buy 2-3 demo units for test riding, and we will refund you the full payment for one of the e-bikes within 12 months after being our riding center. (We will remove you from the riding center list if no test ride in 3 months)

II)Join the cashback program:https://www.magicyclebike.com/magicycle-cash-feedback-program

III)As our riding center, we will provide you with free advertising material stuff such as banners, business cards, T-shirts, hats, and brochures.

IV)Additionally, Magicyclebike will also help to boost your business by providing necessary support such as advertisement materials, 24-hour after-sales customer service, other dealer policies, etc. 

V) You can contact our manager of this program: 
Name: Richard Shaw

Phone and Text: +1(213) 513-2304
Email Address: Richard@magicyclebike.com

Why is it beneficial to be a test-riding dealer?

I)It helps you alleviate financial pressure, you could expand your business by making use of this part of capital flow.

II)Secondly, it is the best choice for those who don’t have a warehouse for stocking ebikes, or who don’t want to take risks.

III)The most important one is that you could benefit from each order without any investment.

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