Magicycle Ocelot

Magicycle Ocelot

Magicycle Ocelot Step Thru Fat Tire Electric Bike
$1,999.00 $1,399.00

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Magicycle Deer/Ocelot/Ocelot Pro Ebike 52V 20Ah Battery
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Basically, there is a speed limit option in the settings that allows riders to make any Magicycle electric bike faster. Also, you could adjust the PAS level to the highest so that you can get more power output while pedaling.

The Ocelot Pro comes with a larger battery(20Ah), a more powerful motor(750W), a more advanced color LCD display, and a pair of more responsive hydraulic disc brakes compared with the standard Ocelot.

No, Magicycle ebikes don't come with GPS trackers.

It is on the top of the display.

Length: 154 cm

width: 36 cm

height: 89 cm

The frame of the Ocelot Pro is specially designed to be more sturdy. The double-layer and multil-cavity downtube makes for a more stable and comfortable bike ride.

Different Magicycle models come with various seat heights. Please check them out respectively at the bottom of their product pages.

Of course, the rear rack of the Ocelot series has a load capacity of 25kg which is enough to carry a child.

This ebike is IPX4 waterproof level.

IPX4: No harmful effects when liquid is poured onto the shell from any direction.

It uses a 100V - 240V universal charger.