Ebike info
What is the e-bike battery made from?
E-Bike batteries are normally made of lithium compounds to make a Li-Ion battery, usually made up of lots of smaller 18650 size cells within a casing. The batteries should be cared for in the same way as mobile phone batteries, avoid heavy knocks or piercing the battery pack, and must not be left completely uncharged for long periods of time or they may eventually become incapable of holding a charge at all.
How long does it take to charge the e-bike?
From flat, it would take around 3.5-5 hours to charge the battery to 100% full, but will be around 80% full after 1.5 hours the battery automatically slows down its charging rate in the last 15-20%.  Try to let the battery get to around a 30-40% charge before recharging. The battery is good for around 800 recharges, it should last for around 3-5 years, the longer the capacity of battery will decrease.
How far can I go on the bike on a full charge?
Up to 60 miles, depending on your riding style, pedal assist level of throttle, rider weight, hills and headwinds/tailwinds.

Can I use the throttle the entire ride?
You certainly can, that is what it is there for! But keep in mind using the throttle the entirety of your ride will effect on the durability of the battery, getting you 20-30 miles on a full charge.
Can I customise my Magicycle e-bike before shipping? Can you install accessories before shipping?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide customisation of any sort. If you order an e-bike along with accessories from us, we will ship it separately or within the large bicycle box. Magicycle customer support team will not be able to assist with requests to change or amend this policy.

I need help assembling my bike, who can help me?
Our partner Velotooler are dedicated mechanics all over the US and Canada, you can contact them and they can assist you with assembly. If DIY isn’t for you, you should consider to pay a fee of $142.50 for assembly.