Good news for all Magicycle Riders. MAGICOINS system launched. You could get more rewards from orders and shares.

You could log in your account and check here for your coins history.

  • 1. You will be credited one MAGICOIN for every dollar spent for any purchase on For example, if you order a Magicycle e-bike priced at $1549, then you will receive 1549 coins. If any order is later cancelled, then you will lose the coins awarded for that order.
  • 2. 400 MAGICOINS are credited to your account just for registering!
  • 3. Follow and share MAGICYCLE on our FB/Instagram/Youtube and you will get 200 coins for your first follow/share on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  After your follow and share is completed, contact us at and we will credit your reward coins to your MAGICOINS account.
  • 4. We will reward you with 1000 coins each year on your birthday! To receive this reward, you must set your birth date in your MAGICOINS account and that date cannot be changed. If you happen to add your birth date to your MAGICOINS account on or after your birthday for the current year, your reward will be credited on your birthday in the following year. 
  • 5.  Earn MAGICOIN rewards for referring anyone to Magicycle. When your referral registers and then places an order, your referral gets coins in the same amount as the order – and so do you! For example, if your referral registers and then orders a Magicycle e-bike at the sale price of $1549, then both your referral and you will each be credited with 1549 Magicoins.  
  • PLEASE NOTE : Your referrals must register before placing an order. Without registration, the order will not be associated with your MAGICOIN account. If any order is later cancelled, then you will lose the coins awarded for that order.
  • Each person you refer must use the unique referral link that we provide for you with your MAGICOIN account. Here’s an example of a referral link:
  • MAGICOIN members can check their account to see the referrals that have registered using your unique link. You can also see the Magicoins earned.
  • 6. MAGICOIN members will be notified frequently of special promotions that can help you earn more coins for your account.
  • 7. 50 Magicoins are equal in value to $1.00 USD, and you can exchange your Magicoins for coupons which can be applied when you order an item from Magicycle. 
  • Each coupon can be used only once.
  • When you exchange Magicoins for a coupon, that action is not reversible. You cannot cancel a coupon and return the Magicoins to your account.
  • The smallest coupon available is in the amount of $50, and requires $2500 Magicoins. No change is offered for your coupons. For example, if you use a $50 coupon to purchase an item priced at $35, you will lose the $15 remaining in coupon value. If you order a $35 item and a $40 item at the same time, and apply your $50 coupon, then you can use the full value of the coupon and pay only $25 after applying the $50 coupon.
  • You can easily see your exchanged coupons here:
  • 8Magicoins can only be used by the person named in the account. You cannot gift your coins to another person.
  • 9. When you pay for any item in part or in full with one or more Magicoin coupons, that item cannot be refunded and cannot be exchanged. The only exception is in the unlikely case of a defective item. 
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