Insulated Bike Water Bottle
Insulated Bike Water Bottle

Insulated Bike Water Bottle

 Estimated Ship in 1~3 Business Days from China
1. The 3-layer insulation design can prolong the cold preservation time by 2 times compared with ordinary cold insulation bottle.
2. The body and lid of the bottle are made of PP5 material, 100% BPA-free, safe, non-toxic, and healthy for drinking.
3. The leak-proof kettle spout is designed to prevent dripping water when the spout is closed, effectively preventing overflow and splashing.
4. Excellent detail design, anti-slip dents on bottle caps, and ergonomic design of bottle body depressions, which will bring you a better experience!

1. Overheated water is not recommended, the recommended temperature is -10 degrees ~ -60 degrees.
2. Do not place in the disinfection cabinet, do not sterilize at high temperature, just clean it with water.

Capacity: 600ML
Size: 7.3*25.2cm
Weight: 0.15lbs
Material: PP5 (bottle body, bottle cap), silicone (bottle mouth), aluminum foil bag (insulation layer)