Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks


What type of maintenance should I be performing on my bike?

Best Practices:

1. Store your bike in a clean, dry place to avoid rust.
2. Keep components tightened to the torque specifications listed in the Recommended Torque Values section of the user manual.
3. Ensure the frame latch and handlebar latch are locked in place before riding.
4. Clean and lubricate moving parts regularly.
5. Clean your bike frame with a wet rag and low residue cleaner. After cleaning, lubricate where necessary.
6. Ensure your bike tires are always inflated to a pressure within the recommended range printed on the tire sidewalls.
7. Before each ride ensure all electrical wires are connected. Magicycle Bike battery and controller are waterproof and are sealed well enough for the bikes to be safely ridden in light rain. However, it is not recommended to ride them through very heavy downpours, or through flooded streets when the crank and/or the motor can get splashed or even covered with water. It is best to take shelter until the rain eases and the roads are no longer covered with water.

Inspect Regularly:

1. For the Magicycle cruiser and step-through, inflate your tires to the pressure listed on the tire sidewall.
2. Lubricate the chain until there is little noise from the drivetrain; we recommend using Tri-Flow chain lubrication.
3. Check that all hardware is tightened to the torque specifications listed in the Recommended Torque Values section of our user manual.
4. Check your brake pads for signs of wear and replace them if necessary.
5. Check your bike’s shifting performance and adjust the derailleur if necessary.
6. Clean the bike with a low residue cleaner; we recommend using Simple Green. Use a rag to dry everything completely.
7. Check spoke tension and adjust if necessary. The recommended spoke tension can be found in the Recommended Torque Values section of our user manual.

How to maintain battery health

How to store your battery:

When storing your battery for a week or longer, we recommend charging it no higher than 75%. At 75%, your battery's cells will degrade less compared to a higher charge level.
If storing over a couple of months, we recommend checking your battery's charge level once a month and charging it back to 75%, if possible.

Charge Battery Properly

Try to use the original charger. The charger that comes with the battery is the most suitable and can keep the battery healthy to the maximum
Charging the battery from completely empty to completely full typically takes between 3–5 hours.
The charger is designed to stop charging automatically when the battery is fully charged. Nevertheless, we recommend you disconnect the battery from the power source and charger as soon as possible once charging is complete. As with any appliance, you should unplug your charger when you’re not using it to charge your battery. This will also prevent range decline from unnecessary charging.
When you’re charging up for a ride, keep an eye on the red and green light indicators on the charger. Remove the charger from the battery as soon as you see both a red and green light.
Keep Average Battery Temperature
Just because you may like to be toasty during the winter doesn’t mean your battery does.
Warmer temperatures can wear down the components that are used to generate power for your e-bike, effectively leading to premature capacity loss.
Ideally, batteries should be stored at room temperature, charged between 50 °F – 77 °F, kept well away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight at all times, and stored in your 4-wheel car in summer is not recommended. 
Also, for those of us in particularly cold climates, try not to ride below -4 °F either. That'll damage your battery too.
Use assisted cycling mode
Magicycle electric bicycles have three riding modes: cycling, assisted cycling, and pure electric(throttle) mode. Generally speaking, it is best to use the assisted cycling mode frequently, because it allows the battery to be used without being over-consumed. If you use the cycling mode frequently, the battery will always be in an idle state, which is not conducive to normal work, while using the purely electric mode all the time will cause serious battery loss and be detrimental to the health of the battery. But we also recommend that you choose the riding mode according to your own condition. People who are in poor physical condition should use the throttle mode to avoid being overworked.

My bike won't turn on?

Let's double-check that everything is in place for your bike to turn on.

1. For your first ride, be sure to charge your battery until the light on your charger turns green, depicting a full charge. This may take 3-4 hours.
2. Once your bike is fully charged, insert your key in its slot underneath the frame of the bike and turn it counterclockwise two notches until it reaches the "ON" position and is parallel with the frame. You can find more information about this in your owner's manual.
3. Once your key is in the correct position, hold down the power button on your control pad for a couple of seconds and your display will turn on.