May 26,2023

Top 6 Valuable and Cheap Accessories for Your Ebike Upgrades in 2022

As the electric ebike market has been growing at an unprecedented rate, many upgrades concerning ebikes are emerging. However, no matter what kind of upgrades you want, they may be costly more or less. Is everything concerning ebikes for sale costly or out of your budget? In this article, I will share with you some terms for upgrading your ebikes without breaking the bank.

1. Free Apps

This is something you guys must be familiar with—free apps on your phone. Is there something more bargain than something free? Free as they are, phone apps can be incredible ebike accessories. Here I won’t tell you which one is great, cause there are so many ebike apps out there, and 95% of them are useful enough for your daily riding.

So what are the benefits of those ebike apps? Basically, you can get to know how fast you are riding. I know most ebikes’ displays will show that data, but some of that data will be incorrect and misleading if there is something with the ebike itself. Moreover, you will know your heart rate, cadence, average speed, calories burnt, and many other data about your ebike and your body health. Some differences will absolutely exist in various phone apps, you can just explore them on your own.

2. Phone holders

phone holder

Since you’ve picked an app and installed it, now you have to put it into practice. Your phone may fit in your pockets, but how can you hold it on the road? This is when you need a phone holder or a mount.

When it comes to a phone mount, I will recommend you ebike Phone Mount Holder from Magicycle. It is of pretty small size, but it can hold your phone tightly without any vibration when you are riding on bumpy roads. And more importantly, this is definitely a much cheaper alternative.

3. Bike Lights

head light

As for bike lights, I am talking about both rear and front lights. They are often overlooked by those rides who don’t always hit the road at night. However, whether you are riding day or night, bike lights are necessary accessories.

To be honest, with both rear and front lights on your bike, you can see much more clearly on the road. A study suggests that riders who install bike lights will be 19% less likely to be involved in road accidents than those who don’t. Moreover, it is not only for your own safety but for others, that is because other riders can see you much more clearly with bike lights. Also, it won’t cost too much for that accessory.

4. Multi-tool

The next accessory is a multi-tool, which is super useful. It can fix, change, or tweak. Some of you may think that they don’t need this because a safety check before every ride will provide a nice experience without any problem, but the thing is that all kinds of things will happen when you are riding out, especially when you are off-road. In some urgent situations, a small multi-tool can even save your life. It is just a small pay for you to be able to fix your bike out on the road.

Besides multi-tool, a tool kit plays the same role as it. Magicycle will provide a tool kit with an ebike for their customers, including all kinds of tools you need for ebike assembly, maintenance, and fixing.

5. Bike Mirrors

The last valuable accessory I recommend is the bike mirrors. This accessory is all about your safety as well. Some of you may think it is unnecessary, but it is totally wrong. There are numerous cars and trucks out there on the streets. I know it won't cause any road accidents as most of them would follow the traffic regulations and rules, but not all of them will. There must be some mad drives out there who are always speeding and overtaking other vehicles, including electric bikes. This is really dangerous, especially for ebike riders, cause when you collide with a four-wheeled vehicle on an ebike, you will get hurt badly while the driver will not. So for your safety, get a pair of bike mirrors.

I know most of you guys think it is kind of weird to install mirrors on a bike handlebar, don't worry, Magicycle got cool mirrors too. They are blast-resistant with a wide range of views. Also, they can be adjusted and turned to any angle, 360 degrees turning available, without blind spots.

Click here to get the most stylish bike mirrors.

Magicycle got many other accessories for sale, including front basket, car racks, and so on. See all the accessories here.

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