May 26,2023

Rising Gasoline Price? EBikes Help you!

Every time Americans stop at a gas station to refuel their vehicles, they take an economics class. The average price of a gallon of gasoline recently hit the price of $4.25, compared with $2.77 just a year ago, according to the American Automobile Association. The worst thing is that in some states, the price is even higher. Drivers in California pay more than the average price of $5.44 per gallon.

Soaring prices are the top concern for Americans in 2022, according to a recent survey by eMoney Advisor, more worrisome than their ability to pay their bills or broader inflation.

Record gasoline prices are a direct result of higher oil prices. Oil prices bottomed out during the Covid-19 crash in the spring of 2020, but today a barrel of oil is near $130 in the U.S., rising prices are a direct result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine - as the world changes, strong consumer demand fuels The rise in oil prices since Covid-19 has seen supply weaken as major producers curb output.

According to the Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration, Americans use 562 gallons of gas a year on average. It means every American will spend more than $2400 on gas a year. And most families have more than one car, so the gas costs are quite unacceptable. But do we have any other options? 

In fact, Yes, Ebike could be a choice. The range of up to 55 miles can meet the daily travel needs of most people. Compared with cars, the size of electric vehicles can also make you not have to struggle in the crowded traffic of cities. As a battery with 52V and 15Ah, the recharging cost is lower than $1.1.

Besides those, the average carbon footprint for a person in the United States is 16 tons. But with an environmentally friendly, emission-free, pollution-free electric bike, you can also be our Earth Guard.

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