magicycle bike reviews May 26,2023

Magicycle Fat Tire Electric Bike

Fat tire electric bikes unlock many possibilities due to their versatility. They allow you to access places you would struggle to get to on a regular bike. They also provide a comfortable ride quality, creating a relaxed experience when you want it.

In this article, I will go into why I love riding my fat tire electric bike.

The Advantages Of Fat Tires On An Electric Bike Off-Road
The fat tires on my Magicycle electric bike provide lots of grip on pretty much any surface I ride on. Their extra width creates a larger contact patch with the ground than skinny tires.

As more of the tire is touching the ground, traction is massively improved. This gives me more confidence, even when riding on loose surfaces such as gravel.

But the extra tire width also spreads the combined weight of the bike and myself over a wider area. Therefore I can ride on sand, snow, and soft dirt easily, rather than getting stuck while riding a bike with narrower tires.

A Comfortable Ride Around Town
Those big squishy tires are not just advantageous on rough terrain; they are also great on paved roads. The extra volume of the tires helps to dampen the vibrations from the road, creating a smooth ride quality, enhanced by my Magicycle's suspension fork.

Power And Range
I love how powerful my Magicycle electric bike is. The rear hub-mounted 750W electric motor is punchy, and its 86Nm of torque makes climbing hills effortless. I can choose between 7 assistance levels to suit the terrain and how energetic I'm feeling.

When I want to take it easy, I simply select a higher assistance level. But when I fancy a workout, I use lower assistance levels to get my heart rate up.

Depending on where I am riding and how I use the assistance levels, I can get up to 55-miles of range on a single charge. This is more than enough for most of my riding. But on the occasions I need to ride further, I can charge the large-capacity lithium-ion battery in 3 to 5 hours.

A Great Load Carrier
My Magicycle Cruiser has a rear-mounted cargo rack. The rack is ideal for days out, as I can carry pretty much anything I need for the day. It is also great for commuting, as I can take my laptop, spare clothes, etc., without needing a backpack.

Safety First
With all the power on tap, you need to be able to control your speed and stop quickly. Therefore, Magicycle has fitted my Cruiser with powerful mechanical disc brakes. These have a great feel through the brake handles and provide excellent stopping power.

The bright headlight is powered by the bike's main battery pack and perfectly lights up the road ahead. The taillight has an integrated brake light that alerts road users to my presence and when I am slowing down.

These safety features and the fantastic traction from the fat tires give me a lot of confidence when riding anywhere.

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