May 26,2023

Magicycle Cruiser VS Aventon PACE 500 NEXT-GEN

Either as a fashionable way to exercise or an environmentally-friendly commuting tool, riding an electric bike has found ever-growing everyday use in the lives of people across all walks of life. Faced with so many brand choices and the diverse advantages they boast, consumers may feel overwhelmed and do not know which one to choose. Therefore, to help you find the best ebike that can perfectly satisfy your need, we have done quite some research in this area. Based on the statistics and research results collected, we recommend Magicycle Cruiser for most ebike buyers. 

It is with no doubt that a good ebike should be designed and manufactured from the perspective of customers. To achieve that, ebike producers should bear the following considerations: first, in order to make every rider focused on his or her riding, the ebikes should feature all necessary components to free the rider from all inconveniences. For example, the range of approximately fifty miles and 48V~52V batteries should be made there to save riders lots of time from recharging. Second, to ensure riders a seamless and comfortable ride, ebikes need to be equipped with multiple levels of electric power-assistant system to deal with different frustrations on the road. Third, a good ebike should encourage its users to ride and can make them feel more confident on the way and this demands bikes to have solid and strong tires because strong tires enable riders to travel on city streets and country paths without worrying about any damages to the bike. Last but not the least, in case the rider wants to take challenges from steep slopes and rough roads, we should also look for a powerful motor which can liberate our feet from heavy pedaling and entitles us to more ease and pleasure. 


To see how the above four considerations are embodied in the design of Magicycle Cruiser, we decided to draw a comparison between a Magicycle Cruiser and the PACE 500 NEXT-GEN Ebike from Aventon, both of which are sold under $1700.

As indicated by the graph above, compared with PACE 500 NEXT-GEN Ebike the Magicycle Cruiser, with a lower price, manages to offer you many better technical specifications that suggest better performances and riding experiences. It is these small differences in details that will make you feel excited and passionate about riding and that is exactly the mission for Magicycles. 

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