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Comparing Light and Standard Electric MTBs: Which Electric Bike to Purchase

The sale of e-bikes or electric bicycles continues to grow.

This rapid development has brought with it a rich range of models and the emergence of subcategories within this segment. Especially in demand are e-MTBs or electric mountain bikes. Its enormous acceptance has led to new variants: lighter and with an almost total integration of motor and battery. They are called light e-bikes.

These are electric bicycles whose aesthetics are very similar to conventional mountain bikes. In some cases, we could even confuse them at first sight.

Weight, a factor that penalizes e-bikes, is substantially reduced.

Is it worth buying a light ebike?

From the outset, and without hesitation, yes.

If electric mountain bikes are your thing, a lightweight e-MTB can perfectly fulfil your aspirations. Beyond pedalling assistance, its behaviour is very similar to that of a conventional bike and its weight is very contained. However, you should be aware of some limitations. Not everything is going to be perfect.


Its price is very high. Keep in mind that they are state-of-the-art electric bikes, with the latest assistance systems, compact batteries to reduce weight, etc.
Its autonomy is more limited. Although pedal assistance is natural and handling is intuitive, a light electric MTB has a small battery.

The power delivery is lower. Most electric mountain bike motors have a power of between 240 and 250 W. This is the limit set by law for bicycles. Light electric motors offer less torque (power delivery) than standard ones. This aspect is perceived when requiring power to climb a hill or to overcome an obstacle.

Why buy a light e-bike

If you don't skimp on your budget, if you do short and not very technical routes, and if you are looking for a manageable bike with very low weight, a light e-MTB is your ideal choice.


More stable in technical sections. They usually have a more robust frame, longer and with more thrown angles. They are generally more suitable for going down, overcoming large unevenness, entering sections of obstacles, etc.
More powerful uphill. Pedal assistance on climbs is more generous, thanks to increased torque. This will allow you to overcome with relative ease greater percentages of the slope, sections of rocks, etc.
Variety of prices and models. The range of models is greater and you can find somewhat cheaper versions. There are also more mounting and customization options.

After all, the decision between a light and a standard e-bike ultimately boils down to your specific preferences and riding needs. If you prioritize agility and ease of handling, a light e-bike might be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you're looking for enhanced durability and versatility, a standard e-bike could be more suitable.

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