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All-New Event: Magicycle Uphill Challenge

What's up, guys, welcome back to Magicyclebike.To express our gratitude to all of our customers for your support, we've decided to show your something exciting and interesting. Some of you may already know that a few days ago. Yes, that is the Uphill Challenge.

To take this challenge, all you need to do is ride up as steep a hill as you can on any electric bike from Magicycle. We've prepared a bunch of prizes, and based on your scores, all of you participating can get a prize. Before you take part, please read the most important things about this game below, including the list of prizes, just read till the end.

1. Event Date

This game will start on Oct 13th, and we are sorry to tell you that the finals will be postponed to Spring 2023. We will let you know first when the time is determined. Also, to express our apologies, we will give an additional 1000 Magicoins to everyone who has participated in the game.

2. How to measure the degree of a hill?

For those who are not sure about how to measure a hill, please check out the reference video.

3. How to Participate?

There are 3 phases of this challenge.

Phase 1: Between Oct 13th and Nov10th, each participant needs to shoot a video, and share it with us in Magicycle Community on Facebook or via our official e-mail at evonne@magicyclebike.com. (By default, Magicycle is authorized to take any of your videos for commercial use.) 

Phase 2: After the first phase, we will select 10 participants for the finals based on their rankings and provide them with clinometers. To be qualified to get to the finals, you must at least manage to ride up a 15° hill. 

Phase 3: We will select a winner from the top 10 participants and award him the top prize.

4. Prize

A: Engagement Award: 5000 Magicoins & A Gift — All challengers.

B: Challenge Award: A 15Ah Magicycle Battery — 10 outstanding challengers who successfully challenge 15 degrees.

C: Uphill King Award: Mystery Jackpot WORTH $2000!!! — The highest slop challenger

Note: All rights reserved by Magicyclebike, and please put your safety first before you ride up any hill.

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